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About Me

I'm Ying Zi aka Idreamtobreakaway. Yes,I-dream-to-break-away! You can also follow me on twitter @dream2breakaway . I daydream quite a lot and am blur at times.
I'm also a lifestyle blogger,loves indulging in good food,living life to the maximum!
I'm traveler often in search of new places to explore and daring myself to step out of boundaries.

Keeping it short,here are my interests:
White. Simplicity. Scent of Moringa. Books. Weddings. Clouds. Sunrises and sunsets. Desserts. Audrey Niffenegger. French. New-age Music. Nelly Furtado. Guzheng. Movies. Shopping. Shoes. Dresses. Butterflies. Traveling around the world.

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Comments is in moderation,I don't keep things that I don't like to see. I'm an imperfect soul trying my best,just like you. If you have anything against me,you can always say goodbye. But please give both of us a chance to know each other better before you decide.