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Friday, May 06, 2016

Food Factory Food Delights at Genting Highlands

The Food Factory is a brand new dining concept that is located at the 3rd floor of First World Plaza.

With the size of 23,568 sq ft, the restaurant is able to accommodate up to 1,300 diners at the same time. Serving different cuisines ranging from West Asian, to East Asian and Western breakfast choices, from 6am to 11am daily. Breakfast is served in buffet style with freshly made food that kicks start your day.

The Food Factory replaces humans in a nod to consistency, human error reduction and efficiency. Dishes here are all processed in a large quantity by using giant pants to various ranges of automated machines in order to ensure that the food are caters to all diners ranging from small to large groups.

The Food Factory offers a variety of food, raning from freshly baked bread and local buns to danishes, pancakes, cereals, nasi lemak, Idli, dhoka, putu mayam, pita bread, paratha, congee and condiments, assorted pau, juice, coffee & tea.

Pizza lovers will also enjoy freshly baked pizza from their large pizza conveyors such as Pizza with Tomato sauce and Cheese and Vegetarian Pizza with Mushroom.

At the East Asian Counter, you may find favourite local delicacies such as Fish Ball Noodle Soup or Curry Noodle Soup, Fried Carrot with XO Sauce, Grilled or Deep-fried Yam Roll, Deep-fried Cheese Roll or Chee Cheong Fun, Fried Loh See Fun or Fried Yee Mee, Chinese Soup and Dim Sum too. Food such as Margherita Pizza, Chicken Ham Pizza, Toasted Bread with Kaya and Butter or even Fried Banana or Sweet Potatoes are available as light snacks.

The Western Counter, offers seafood platters to assorted salads with condiments. Main dishes include Roast Rosemary Chicken with Potatoes and Vegetables, Roasted Chicken Roll, Chicken and Lamb Shawarma, Beef and Chicken Burger, Sautéed Pasta with Cream Carbonara Sauce or Bolognaise, Sautéed Spanish Sausages, Sautéed Lamb Ball with Hot Sauce, Breaded Fish and serves with either Cream of Mushroom Soup or Chicken Soup.

Miss having your kuehs and desserts? At the West Asian Counter, wide varieties of local cuisines such as assorted Malay and Nyonya Kuih, Nasi Lemak with condiments, Potatoes Samosa, Vegetables Pakoras, Tandoori Chicken, Fish Head Curry, Ayam Masak Merah, Chicken and Lamb Skewer to Roti Jala or Grill Seafood.

The Food Factory serves a wide range of breakfast offering from 4 different counters such as: West Asian, East Asian, Western and pastry from 6am to 11am daily at only RM 29.00 nett for one adult and RM 14.50 nett for one child.

Photo credits to Gerald and Angie's guest blogger, Jocelyn. They were both enthusiastically taking photos for the blog post, without them, this blog post wouldn't be complete.

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