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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Bodyguard Movie Review

The Bodyguard sees Sammo Hung’s return as director, action director as well as lead actor, 19 years after 1997's Once Upon a Time in China and America. Together with Andy Lau who serves as one of the movie’s producers while making a special appearance in the movie.

The Bodyguard follows a retired bodyguard (Hung) who has settled in the dark and unknown corner of the world where China, Russia and North Korea meet. Suffering from the beginnings of dementia, the bodyguard is befriended by a young girl whose life is threatened when her father (Lau) falls in with the local crime world. When the girl and her father disappear, the bodyguard must call upon his long forgotten skills to save the life of his young friend.

Watch the trailer below

I would personally rate this movie 3/5 stars. This movie is like a mega gathering for many big names with little action for them. Apart from walking around and a few sentences to act out for the rest of the celebrities, Sammo Hung chose to focus on the close bond between the retired bodyguard and the little girl. The special effects and stunts were pretty well done, and realistic. They have moved past from the old days where they used to focus a lot of action and kungfu but now, kungfu is the supporting factor to relationships and sentiments. I have also enjoyed and appreciate the fact that some of supporting cast do not adhere mandarin but used certain accents to differentiate their origins from different parts of China. Humor was added in good taste, making the movie overall an enjoyable one.

The Bodyguard is released on 7th April 2016 and NC16 for violence.
Do catch it in the cinemas today!

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