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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Save My Bag Flagship Store in Singapore

Recently, I was invited to the launch of Save My Bag's first flagship store right here in Singapore, at Wheelock's place.

This beautiful stylish bag is made of Poly-Fabric with Lycra, their signature material that is soft, elastic, durable and even lighter than neoprene. What more, it is 100% made in Italy. Their bags boasts of more than 30 different colours, which you can spoil yourself with many different choices!

SMG was developed in Bergamo, a city in Lombardy, Italy, by Stefano and Valentina Agazzi. It was born from the idea of covering your luxury bags, but its practicality and chic design was so popular that it came out as a brand on its own!

Valentina on the right, she specially flew in to Singapore for the flagship store's launch! I really love her dedication and I can see her eyes lit up whenever she have the opportunity to talk about SMG. Christine and Melody, the store owners brought this to Singapore but I did not manage to take a picture with them.

Little treats for us while we explore the colours in the store!

This is the Icon Series. Two patterns were available, the solid colour and the other pattern-printed. Look at how sharp the prints are!

So many different colours, and honestly, I was very much spoilt for choice. I had no idea which colour I should get because I can imagine myself carrying each different colour with a different style and outift!

Here's 4 different patterns on the bag:

A lot of people were eyeing the comic one, which I thought was a pretty good idea. It's pretty bold and loud, rather unique I feel.

Giving the orange a try because the colour is really outstanding. I was deciding between this and the maroon. They have bags of different style, for different occasion. See the one Jessie is holding? They have a sling along with it, so easy to bring out if you're just going out for a meal or something.

Look at the different colours of red, so beautiful! I'm a sucker for beautiful bags, I guess most girls are! What more, they are VERY light. It's even lighter than a small bottle of water. Light, rain-proof and washable by hand or machine (remember to set it in delicate too), you'll never worry about dirtying a beautiful bag. Despite its light-weight, it can hold up to 15kg!

This is the Hippy Joy Series, which I thought was pretty artsy and suitable for carrying documents to the office. As a student, I can so imagine carrying this to school!

Pouches are available too, which I think comes in really handy if you want to put your toiletries or make up inside.

Tags for the bag if you decide to name it, they are about SGD$15 per letter.

These cute tassels are called Medusa, maybe because it has lots of strands on it like Medusa's hair! Each costs SGD$39.

Caren, myself, Colin, Mint, Jessie and Cookie
Right to left

Look how beautiful the colours are! There are more than 30 different colours right now and SMG aims to bring it up to 100 different colours in 2016.

Drop by Save My Bag store at
Wheelock Place #B1-05
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaveMyBagSingapore

I am so proud to own one of it, carrying it with me to Europe! Here's a picture of me, posing with it in Paris:

I get a lot of praises on how beautiful the bag is, and I do share the same sentiments! With Valentine's Day coming up, I think it's going to be a perfect gift for your partner! :)

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