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Saturday, January 02, 2016


As I did my morning routine of brushing my teeth and washing face, I noticed my mother's dentures on the counter. It has been there every morning, beside the toothbrush. I watched it every time I brush my teeth, and some times it's not there when I get up in the afternoon.

Her dentures sits besides my clear, transparent retainers. There's something poignant about this scene. Between the old and the young, this is the difference between our teeth. Old age is inevitable and I wonder about my turn in future. Will I too, have partial dentures like her?

I remember she used to go to Malaysia to fix her teeth when it hurt, and they didn't do a good job so she had to make another trip to Malaysia to fix it properly. A part of me suspected they didn't do a good job and cause her to lose some of her teeth. The only reason why she goes there is because it's cheaper than Singapore. I felt a pang of guilt, that I didn't grow up fast enough to make money for her, so that she didn't have to lose her teeth or suffer toothache.

My father had passed away for a few years now, he was not able to enjoy the his privilege as a pioneer generation. better. I often felt sad to be reminded of the fact that he is not here to enjoy the benefits. Life would have been much better with so much subsidies given now, and he could have set aside more for himself to eat better and for rental than paying medical costs. The only solace I found in Pioneer Generation policy is that even though my father wasn't able to be a part of it, my mother is in time and still here to enjoy her privileges.

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