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Thursday, December 03, 2015

I have recently came realize how small and insignificant my existence is on this planet, in this times. I do wonder sometimes if I am an introvert and I have so many, so many feelings and questions out not able to fancifully, properly articulate my thoughts.

I feel like my existence is locked in my time, limited between the 90s and 2100, and that I will never live before nor beyond this century. This feeling scares me, for I would never knew what it was like to live before my time nor what the future beholds. I would never live to see how advance technology could get, nor personally experience famines. This realisation scares me a lot.

Pondering over this also made me realise how altruistic scientists and researchers are. Because of their love for the subject, or interest's sake, they went on to discover what nobody else wants to do. They sacrifice their time to find out more, when they could jolly well be the ones paying others to do the job.

There, I think I am trailing off again. Unable to express myself well enough, and perhaps a couple of weeks later I would delete this entry.

Perhaps there is a sense of curiosity in me, and I hope that it never dies because that's what makes life so much more meaningful; to question and to seek.
And also perhaps, a wave of melancholy had successfully overwhelmed me to produce this post at this time of the night.


James said...

Perhaps in the next half a century, medical advances will allow one to live past the ripe old age of 100. At that point, it will be really interesting to observe the socioeconomic issues related to the fact that there will be more of us here on earth.

Tee Ying Zi said...

True indeed, I guess that will be another problem for another century.