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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Genting Trip part 1

Waking up early in the morning, Conan and I set out on a journey to the North. It was a trip that I'm eager to take, despite the long journey up. I am very much looking forward to the cold air and entertainment up in Genting Highlands! It was an invitation extended by Resort World Genting, for us to experience with recent makeover of the First World Hotel that boasts to be the largest hotel in the world.

The past few years may have been a little bit quieter due to the closure of the outdoor theme park, but the entertainment hasn't been on a downslide as they ramp up the scene with plenty of performances, restaurants and even an indoor snow city! Joining the Behind-the-Scenes tour by Genting, we all trooped to the indoor Snow City with thick jackets and gloves. So for those who wish to enjoy an ultimate cold experience up in Genting Highlands, head on to Snow City!
Fake snow was created by science, and we were all given a chance to work the magic with our bare hands!
Pouring a small amount of water into the beaker of powder,

it soon coagulated into flakes of fake snow. Not that it's edible, but they are not harmful to the body if you accidentally eat it. It does feel really cold and the colours turned out really pretty!

So pretty! They can last up to two weeks, then it becomes what I don't know. Hahahaha!

It's so cold! Cold, cold, cold!

And with the rest?

Cold cold cold x many many!

At the next checkpoint, we got to try making food with our own hands. The ingredients are provided and two chefs are there to guide us.

Plain donuts

The chef clearly enjoying the attention on him as he gently sprinkles chocolate flakes onto the donut.

Giving it a try on our own.

Conan and his creation

Then next, we get to learn how to make our very own bento! This got me very excited because I really like the Japanese cuisine! But don't expect a restaurant standard with me making it, hehe.
Excited! Le chef helping me with the rice since I'm not very good at it.

Mine is a rabbit holding to some balloons. But geez, it doesn't even look like any cute bento at all.


I was eager to gobble it up but Wei En reminded us that dinner is around the corner and there, we'll be having a feast! Gosh, I almost forgot and was very much looking forward to a good steamboat dinner amidst the cold weather. Whoopeeeeeeeeeeee! This restaurant is called Resort Seafood, located at Level 1, Resort Hotel.
Operating hours
Monday - Sunday: 12pm - 2.30pm (Lunch)
                           6pm - 10pm (Dinner)
For bookings, do call them at +6 03 6101 1118

I look like a waitress here, no I'm not!!! I'm the one who couldn't wait to get dinner started, hehe!

The mouth-water food laid out right before us, surrounding the yin-yang style hot pot. The two soup choices were spicy tom yam and herbal chicken, super nourishing okay! With the soup base selected, you can choose to go for the ala carte dishes or get the set menus with prices ranging from RM108RM to RM638 nett.

Our menu consists of 3 types of meat, chicken, fish and ostrich meat. That's right, that plate of dark red is ostrich meat! Honestly, that was something unexpected because it's not a common meat anywhere. But hey, I'm game for it!

Dinner is proven to be really good, and I couldn't stop eating all the yummy food, even after everyone had their fill! The spicy tom yam is really spicy, but tastes really good in the cold weather. Everyone seemed to crave for that more than the herbal chicken soup. Not just that, there is always room for desserts! I'm very curious to why the dessert is called steamboat ice cream, so when it arrived...

Ice-cream served in a steamboat pot, with ice in the centre to keep the ice cream cold! Generous servings of various fruits topped the ice-cream, making the combination so delicious that I could not resist going for a second serving!

Now you know, le greedy pig spotted. Hehe!

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