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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rubbers Movie Review

When I was first invited to this movie, I had no idea what to expect. After all, my handsome friend Smith, who's a lifestyle cum sex brogger invited me to watch such an RA movie. It definitely came as a surprise after I found out that it's R21, a movie made in local by our local talents and actors! I was very excited, what more it's 3 stories weave into one movie.

Cumming soon... On 30 April 2015
"Singapore, the present day, 14 Feb. In the middle of having sex on Valentine's Day, womaniser Adam Kok (Alaric Tay) is dumped by girlfriend Eve (Gillian Tan) for refusing to use a condom. Unable to get any other girlfriends to come round to slake his desire, Adam fantasises about his favourite AV star, Kawaii Momoko (Oon Shu An).

Meanwhile, the elderly Hua (Catherine Sng), fed up with husband Niu (Marcus Chin) always visiting a prostitute, Mai Chun (Fiona), in Geylang red-light district, considers divorce. However, she delays her decision after being sold a dildo on a three-day trial by sex-aids salesman Leslie (Cheong Yew Mun).

Elsewhere, journalist Bao Ling (Yeo Yann Yann), 40, who's been man-less for the past six years, comes home and imagines a human Durian Condom (Lee Chau Min) in her flat; begging to be used, as its expiry date is due, the condom urges her to get laid quickly. Bao Ling contacts a "plumber" called Thor (Julian Hee) and waits in readiness.

In the meantime, Adam wakes up to find he's wearing a condom that he can't get off. He calls the civil defence, but a female officer (Kym Ng) brands him a pervert. Momoko then appears and tells Adam she's punishing him for his refusal to use condoms. However, when she offers to suck it off, she becomes attached to his crotch.

Bao Ling's efforts to have sex with Thor all lead to nothing, and he finally admits that he needs some human understanding before he jumps into bed with a woman.

Meanwhile, Niu, reminiscing about a stunt involving condoms that he pulled on Hua at high school 50 years ago, has an idea about how to woo her back again."
-Filmbiz Asia

What I can say is that, this is a very Singaporean movie. With a smattering of Singlish, Mandarin and Hokkien, the veteran actors were able to accurately portray out the frustrations and desires towards sex. Even though the scenes doesn't weave in smoothly, the director enjoyed using flashbacks to make the audience reminisce. And I think everyone's favourite story is the one with Oon Shu An. Acting as an enthusiastic Japanese AV star, she and Adam plays out an unrealistic but hilarious nightmare about not wearing a condom. I have(or heard, I suppose) not seen it coming but gosh, she does have a really sexy voice!

Here's the trailer:

Wanna know how Shu An actually prepare for this movie? How she actually does her sexy voice and poses? Watch her interview here!

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