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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

King of Mahjong Gala Premiere

Last week, I attended the gala premiere of King of Mahjong at Resort World Sentosa.

As someone who really love the Mahjong movies with Hong Kong actors inside, I'm even more excited to see local actors collaborating with the HK actors and making a movie about the best CNY activity:

King of Mahjong is directed by Malaysian director Adrian Teh, the movie runs for 112 minutes and premieres on the first day of Chinese New Year, 19th January 2015. It stars regional artistes - Chapman To 杜汶澤, Michelle Ye 葉璇, Cheronna Ng@Super Girls 吳嘉熙, Venus Wong 王敏奕, Adrian Tan 陳凱旋, Lenna Lim 林家冰, Mark Lee 李國煌, Patricia Mok 莫小玲, Dennis Chew 周崇慶 and Richard Low 劉謙益.

"“King of Mahjong” centres on the decade-long feud and eventual reunion of Wong Tin Ba (Mark Lee) and Ah Fatt (Chapman To), two top disciples of the legendary mahjong maestro, Master Ru.

20 years later, Wong Tin Ba, who is now a world-acclaimed mahjong champion and magnate, shows up in Ipoh to challenge Fatt to a final showdown – The World Mahjong Championship. Despite Wong’s insistence, Fatt declines to join the competition as he is determined and contented to lead the life of a commoner.

In a bid to force Fatt into the showdown, Wong abducts Fatt’s wife, Ramona (Michelle Ye), and threatens her to be on his alliance. Fatt has no choice but to join the championship as Wong holds his wife hostage. On the mahjong table, Fatt and Wong compete as the finalists; Master Ru’s secret legendary mahjong move and the truth comes to light as the winner emerges..."

Thanks to Clover Films, I got really good, front-row seats. It was really awesome to see the actors make their entrance and see them up close!

Got to sit in front with all the familiar faces, seeing the actors up close, awesome x3! My take on the movie would be 3/5. It's like those Hong Kong Chinese New Year movies about mahjong, but they aren't as lame as Stephen Chow's. The comedy factor is still there, and Chapman To 杜汶澤 often steals the limelight whenever he appears. He is truly a funny guy, not just because he acts in all these comedies. His only lament is that he doesn't speak mandarin well enough to expand to mainland China's market. Mark Lee's laughter gets a little dry after all, you will see what I mean but the rest of the actors are familiar with their roles, boosting the overall comedic effect of the script. It wasn't too cheesy, although some characters could have been better. My only issue is Michelle Ye's in the movie. Her role is rather questionable since Fatt already know her motives and didn't matter to his participation in the Mahjong competition. And I could not be sure whether she's is bipolar or retarded. Apart from that, our local actors does act well in doing their moral support for the movie. I'd say, worth a watch for laughs!

Check out the movie trailer here:

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