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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mid-production: AlphaCrescent at work!

As we progress to the second week of the production at Nanyang Polytechnic, AlphaCrescent step up their efforts on keeping ahead of schedule. Under the guidance of their instructor, Miss Beverly, they were able to craft out lots of clay models which I found to be very exquisite!

Here's one of the clay buildings:
 photo _DSC0722_zps70805f1e.jpg
2 cute little clay humans standing in front of the building.

 photo _DSC0723_zps1dc383b4.jpg
Doing a stop-motion meant that you constantly have to adjust the clay and take picture for every single frame. Seems a little tedious but it now made me appreciate stop-motion animation even more.

Wondering how they move the clay?
 photo _DSC0721_zps45bf7b23.jpg
There's a translucent layer of the previous shot! So this is how they constantly adjust according to the previous shot and how they want the next shot to be.

 photo _DSC0724_zpsaa73bd5f.jpg
There are two camera booths so two of them will work on one. It does speed things up a little when you have someone adjusting and the other one making sure that everything looks right on the computer!

 photo _DSC0726_zps9f032e7d.jpg
This is the other photo booth. Realise there's something different? Yes, it's the background! The background is different so that they can do their editing. The green on the clay will not show up on a green background and vice versa, so they use the ones with green clay on a blue background.

 photo _DSC0733_zpsa90a6cdc.jpg
The clay humans which I found to be very cute. Too cute! You will see it soon enough as to how these are used! Each of them represents a different profession that helps to build Singapore's foundation.

 photo _DSC0732_zps835be28b.jpg
There's something dark about this, as the teddy bear gets impaled by the pole. The girls were telling me that these poles are protruding everywhere so they needed something to protect the ends, and the bear 'volunteered'. It belongs to Miss Beverly!

In the meantime, please don't forgot to like their Facebook page! Show them your support and click on here and 'like'  AlphaCrescent now!!! AlphaCrescent's news feed on instagram and twitter is available right here.

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