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Friday, December 12, 2014

Knowing AlphaCrescent

The journey taken along with AlphaCrescent is AMAZING. They are not mere students from Crescent Girls' School, they are the animation creators! Let's take a look back at the works they have done for the past 3 weeks.

With the tools they used,
 photo batch__DSC0750_zps57d2f4f9.jpg

warming the clay with the hair dryer so that it's easier to mould
 photo _DSC0744_zpsbd505b38.jpg

 photo batch__DSC0767_zps2de654a2.jpg

they carve,
 photo batch__DSC0747_zpsd9bf480d.jpg

they sculpt,
 photo batch__DSC0749_zps4ffd2093.jpg

and they align,
 photo batch__DSC0751_zps8a3e6e9d.jpg

and under the guidance of their instructor Miss Beverly,
 photo batch__DSC0752_zpsa31fa31d.jpg

they created these cute little figurines:
 photo _DSC0720_zpsddef8dfe.jpg
 photo batch__DSC0755_zps796c6a6e.jpg
 photo batch__DSC0769_zps3447dd9c.jpg

Of course, with a little help from their instructor Miss Beverly...
 photo batch__DSC0754_zps86a6cce7.jpg
A constant reminder for them to finish them follow the schedule and complete their work on time.

 photo batch__DSC0774_zpsd78e63f1.jpg
They were really amazing!!! With zero knowledge about animation, they built all that from scratch. All of them find out about each other's weaknesses, strengths, likes and dislikes. And they adapt accordingly, doing what they are best at!

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