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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Updates about bobo

I have not brought Bobo to the vet after last visit even though he had one seizure after that. For the following few days he seemed to be getting better, and we continued to feed him the same medication prescribed by the doctor.

Then today, it happened again. I was the only one who witnessed the initial two attacks but this time round, my brother saw it too. Once at 11pm and another at 3.45am, 15minutes ago. He's been bleeding from his mouth but I don't think it's internal. Could be bleeding from the roof of his mouth. I was able to take a picture during his seizure as he was opening his mouth and yelping away.

Yes, those blood stains are his
It looks like he might have accidentally his the roof of his mouth, I guess it's time to bring him back to the vet tomorrow. I can't imagine, the fees are so costly that I don't know if bobo's seizure is gonna be long term. He's usually healthy, even the recent blood tests revealed nothing! In my mind, I kept wondering if I have to put him down cause he seemed like he's in a lot of agony.

Gone were the days where Bobo would happily trot (literally, it's so cute cause of his short legs!) out and greet us when we come back. And gone were the days where he bark at neighbors. Now he sleeps most of the time and doesn't wanna move. I feel so sad for him....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Used to have my doggy last time having the same issue ..

Quite painful to see your pic now.. hope your doggy is OK now ya.