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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Obsessed Movie Review

Remember my previous post about the movie Korean movie called Obsessed? Here's my take on the movie! In case you don't,here's a summary of it once again:

"South Korea, 1969, summer. Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong (Song Seung-heon) is a decorated Vietnam War officer, the "Hero of the Goboi Plains", and soon to be promoted to general. In charge of training at an army camp in the countryside, he lives a comfortable life with other officers and their wives, despite still suffering from post-traumatic disorder from his time fighting the Vietcong. His ambitious wife, Suk-jin (Jo Yeo-jeong), daughter of the camp's head, lords it over the gossipy circle of officers' wives, and is desperate to get pregnant, blocking out the fact that Jin-pyeong has lost interest in her. One night, while out walking after having planned sex with his wife, Jin-pyeong meets their new neighbour, Chinese-Korean Jong Ga-heun (Im Ji-yeon), wife of Captain Gyeong U-jin (On Ju-wan) who's just been transferred to the camp and is a big admirer of Jin-pyeong. Jin-pyeong is attracted by Ga-heun, who is completely different from the camp's snobbish other women. During a wives' tour of the camp hospital, a patient (Yeon Je-uk) goes crazy and holds Ga-heun prisoner with a scalpel; Jin-pyeong rescues her, though she's slightly wounded. Jin-pyeong becomes obsessed by Ga-heun, whose own marriage to U-jin is more one of duty, as she was adopted and raised by his family after she was orphaned. After various clandestine meetings, the two finally make love in his jeep one rainy afternoon; but Ga-heun starts to become apprehensive when Jin-pyeong becomes ever more controlling."
- Filmbiz Asia

The movie is filled with many sweet climatic moments,literally! For ladies who enjoys the traditional courtship and displays of masculinity in a relationship,this is quite the movie for you. As a suave man in uniform whom outwardly expresses his desires to see her and yet having to keep their forbidden love in the dark, this movie is quite intense. The movie may be a little slow in introducing the storyline, the sex scenes does make up for it. It is worth the wait to see both the lead actor and lead actress in act because they really have a nice body and the scenes were well taken.

This is the wife in the movie. She looks cute but behave abit like auntie,and she gave them so much time being alone such that she somewhat allows this little affair to take place.

One of the many times that they were being left alone.

Overall,I think it's quite an interesting movie that depicts the Korean culture in terms of the way they speak (I don't mean the cheating part!). I would rate this as 3 against 5 stars!

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