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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Somersby at Crab in Da Bag

I'm having my holidays now! Guess what is the best way to celebrate the end of exams? FOOD! I was invited to a Somersby event at this seafood restaurant called Crab in Da Bucket.

While we were there,all of us were given an apron with our names on it (customized days before the event! Woohoo!) and an opportunity to cook seafood with Somersby cider! Hidden beneath this apron kit are two bottles of Somersby Pear Cider!

Jessie and Terence fried these prawns with Somersby Pear cider:
 photo CAM06048_zps0175905a.jpg
Looks good right! I think they can cook better than me,hehe. I tried both prawns that's cooked with and without the somersby,and I honestly like the one with Somersby in it. It has more taste and more fragrant!

 photo CAM06056_zps21aba756.jpg
 photo CAM06059_zps6a0a1e7b.jpg
After which we were treated to a feast of seafood,and they were damn delicious! How can anyone not like lobsters,crabs and prawns? Way too good a meal!

And of course,a good feast should go together with a good drink!

Somersby Cider is a refreshingly light and thirst-quenching cider. With no artificial sweeteners,colouring or flavouring,Somersby Pear ciders contains 22.5% real pear juice! The success of Somersby Cider is recognized by many cafes,restaurants and night spots as places Wala Wala, Ice Cold Beer, Shuffle, Bliss House and Crab In Da Bag has them on their drinks menu. With a 4.5% ABV,it is a sociable drink that can enjoyed on many social drinking occasions with family and friends! It is now available in all leading supermarkets and hyper markets at $16.80 for 4 bottles.

Thank you SomserbySG and Crab In Da Bag for having me and Jessie in this wonderful event! Do check out their Facebook page for more information!

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