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Monday, May 12, 2014

Small thoughts,big dreams

I almost forgot that I have a blog! It's been such a long time since I last updated this space. I really wanna blog about my Japan trip but my brother just changed the CPU recently and all the edited photos are in the old CPU,I can't be bothered to rewire everything just to get the photos though... And what makes it more frustrating is that I can't seem to get the keyboard shortcuts to work!

I shall anyhow-ly paste a picture here for now:
Went to check out 2am dessert bar at Holland V with DC and Christina.

Was craving for some nice desserts and pleasantly surprised to find that they were all nicely decorated! Definitely buck-worthy because they don't just focus on the food but the decor itself. The interior design reminded me of Supper Club. I ordered the mango ice cream,and it look more like a cute durian! Hehe!

Went back to C's place and had some champagne by the pool while planning for my 21st birthday. Yes,I am turning 21 this coming Friday,on 16th May 2014! It felt so surreal as the day approaches. I feel as though I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons in life,and these experiences are truly enriching. It taught me to recognise what I desires and needs. I imagined this must be how everyone felt when they're going through their 21st year in life.

Anyways,small party held at a cafe. Looking forward to it!

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