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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Korea Day 4 : Hello Kitty Cafe at Hongdae

Been so long since I last blogged about my trip to Korea back in December! I must quickly blog finish my travelogue within this two weeks! So then,there's Day 4 in Seoul where we all met up and go for Korean lunch and BBQ dinner.

Arriving at Hongdae,we walked around in search for a nice place to have lunch. We wanted to try Ginseng Chicken soup but it was too cold to hunt for it,plus there wasn't any restaurant in sight that sells it. We quickly turned into a small lane with a couple of small little restaurants for food.
 photo _DSC1012copy_zps1c132e73.jpg
FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD! I was famished,and I love spicy food. Nice Korean spicy food in the cold weather.
 photo _DSC1014copy_zps550a0f67.jpg

 photo _DSC1015_zpsd747132e.jpg
Our cute Japanese girls with us for lunch. Can you believe that they are only 18 and 19? Like,wow! They look damn mature and it's so cool to be travelling alone at their age.

 photo _DSC1017_zps3fd8008f.jpg
Shopping time. Knitwears,knitwears and more knitwears.

 photo _DSC1018_zpsfbf7cf50.jpg
What do you think? It's winter. But there's a good fashion sense among the Koreans and good quality fabric,it's just too bad that they can't be worn in Singapore. Oh blast summer!

There's always room for desserts! Let's go to the Hello Kitty Cafe at Hongdae,it's what we are here for.
 photo _DSC1022copy_zps26551aad.jpg
WHOOPEEEEEE! Kawaii! 귀엽다!

 photo _DSC1024_zps4ec66678.jpg
Merchandise sold at Hello Kitty Cafe. Reasonable price,but I didn't buy another one of those Hello Kitty mug home cause my mom is gonna scold me for that! :(

 photo _DSC1029copy_zpsbccac35f.jpg
Pink,pink,everywhere also pink lor!
 photo _DSC1030copy_zps5d13c758.jpg

 photo _DSC1026_zps9cdbfd1e.jpg
Looks yummy! W3,500 is about S$4.20. I have learned to read the prices easier by removing the zeroes on the price,I think won is the same or very similar to USD without the zeroes. Some shops don't even put the zeroes behind. So.. This helps a lot in identify the price,and this is about $3.50 USD.

 photo cats_zpsd4abe709.jpg
Super cute that I can't bear to eat them at all! It's not superb,but not bad either. Definitely tastes good in winter for sure! :D I can't stop complaining about how cold it is outside and we constantly go into shops that we have no intention of buying clothes from,just to escape from the cold!

 photo _DSC1035_zpsc1f84a55.jpg
Left my name behind. When I see readers from Korea on my stats,I'd like to think that they saw the stone!

 photo _DSC1037_zpsb5e2e1f0.jpg
Met Jacky's friend that evening. He's an exchange student from NUS! What a coincidence,when we talk in Singlish,the rest couldn't really understand us. LOL!

 photo _DSC1036copy_zps06b70650.jpg
Our BBQ dinner. I can't tell you how much I am in love with Korean BBQ. Super delicious! I love the crunchiness of the veggies,minus the garlic,but with kimchi and some bean sauce. Gosh,it's mouthwatering-ly delicious!

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