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Monday, February 24, 2014

My Fair Lady Musical

My Fair Lady,a musical based on George Bernard Shaw's 'The Pygmalion',is running on show at Marina Bay Sands Theaters till the 2th March 2014. The Irish Wright is set to transport audiences back to Edwardian London,where it features a flower girl's transformation to the becoming of a lady under the guidance of a misogynistic phonetics professor.

Professor Henry Higgins took up a challenge from an old friend to change Eliza Doolittle within three months,a flower girl with a strong cockney accent,and make her a proper lady with the Embassy Ball as her final test of transformation. As a misogynistic phonetics professor,Henry is very much frustrated and took a lot of trouble in teaching Eliza as she is often stubborn in learning. For an example,she says 'tea'(t-ee) as 't-igh'.

Many songs were belted out from casts with powerful vocals,especially from Aurora Florence who plays the female lead. I could not help but marvel at her voice,I have never heard such a powerful vocal before. Live,I mean. Did a quick search on her and found out that she used to be on the band with Imagine Dragons before they were famous,but she left to concentrate on her studies.

Here,Eliza sings "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?" with her friends as they wondered how it felt like to lead a comfortable life. This is along with many other favorite songs such as "I'm an Ordinary Man" where Henry would sing along with his friend Colonel Pickering,and Eliza's father Alfred P. Doolittle with his "With a Little Bit of Luck".

With many thanks to Amanda and Base Entertainment,I was given the opportunity to attend the evening's performance. It was such a wonderful performance and I most certainly did enjoy watching it with Joel.

Flower petals decorated the edges of the red carpet,making every girl feel special. You can predict a good show to come! Joel could not sit still and was very excited,haha! Many themes were well portrayed in the musical,such as romance,education and social class. Language is quite powerful and can help to identify a person's social class in society. I'm a bit iffy when it comes to English,so the start of the performance was a bit painful to hear and difficult to hear from the accent sang. But it gradually got better as Eliza improves. I suppose this was the intended effect on the audience when it comes to writing the script,the performance was very well done!

Yes,so loverly~

The performance was rather long and Joel said that it's normal. Time seemed to stop while I was watching the performance. It was so captivating that I held my breath for quite a while! The courage and determination in conquering the unknown was so great that it's motivating me to do the same in my studies. I hope this helps everyone out to forge ahead and not be afraid to do what you think is impossible!

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