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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrapping up 2013,welcoming 2014

Everyone around me has been telling me the same thing: Time flies,and here we are again on last day of 2013! I couldn't agree with what they say though,I felt time had passed as it is. There's plenty to be thankful about this year,and the opportunities that presented. There are so many things that happened and I have to say,each time it does opened my eyes to the world and allows me to think more and see more. I think I shall summarize my year in segments.

The school had really given me a lot of opportunities to do what I really enjoy doing,such as emceeing at forums held in school and meeting ministers and mps. That aside,I'm really thankful for the being able to travel so much this year. Traveling to Malaysia,Bangkok,Germany and Seoul,I have clocked a total of 46 hours on a plane for this entire year. Not a lot to some,but I think it's really tedious to endure long flights.


Went with J on this trip,a dear friend of mine. We finally got to travel together after his return from Australia,and I'm so glad that he is staying for good this time.


With my family to Bangkok and they loved it! I am glad to bring my family overseas for a short holiday before my school starts,before my brother enlists. After working for awhile during my holidays,I am proud to say that I am able to pay for our trip! But not their shoppings la,haha! We managed to enjoy good food whilst holidaying and my mom commented that she likes Bangkok more than China.


Traveled around Germany with my school and Justina,my room mate. Really happy that she could come and explore Germany together,driving around and see different towns. This is also my first time driving overseas,on the famous Autobahn. Having no speed limit,I went as fast and safe as I could,220kph! WOOHOO! I like fast cars,I really do. So in the day we ate German food and visit car museums,at night we stay up talking and drinking. I completely forgot about Oktoberfest in Munich itself until someone reminded me about it. There,I experienced one of the most joyous occasion ever where everyone is just dancing,laughing and talking with live band going on in the very same tent. It's like the movie,Great World City but a lot more happening.


Then there was this trip to Seoul which I just took very recently. It was a much needed break after studying so much for the past few months. I fell really sick and was sick for about 1.5 months,this happens when I study too much =x HAHA! Supposed to go with another friend of mine but she backed out the last minute so I went alone,meeting SY there and really nice people at the guesthouse that I stayed at. I couldn't be more thankful to have travel buddies and I was never alone at any point in time,even though when I thought I would be. Everyday was spontaneous,fun and delicious!

Alright,travel aside,back here in Singapore,I had been given a lot of opportunities to shine. I grab them with both hands and sometimes had to forgo some due to constraints. Thanks to Base entertainment and MBS,I was able to attend the red carpet to one of the best shows in the world: Phantom of the Opera

I stayed on and continued ballet,this time with more passion for it. I think going en pointe is every ballerina's dream and you have no idea how difficult it is!

After about a year with Ms Joni,she is now happily married! My ballet friends aren't the bitchy sort. In fact,they are very nice,often giving tips on improving ourselves! Here's us avoiding the haze by watching movies at Ms Joni's house,where we were all shocked to find out that the PSI is at 300!

Meeting primary school friends again:

We probably meet only a few times a year but that's good enough. We started out the same but now all of us have different routes in life. Despite the time gap,there was never an awkward moment. In fact,more laughter and memories made! Time,distance hadn't broken any bond in these group of friends.

Good food,

here,there and everywhere! I really love food,love meat and okay with some veggies now.Whether it's italian restaurant,or steamboat sessions at my place,I enjoy each and every moment spent with good company.

Last but not least,I had photo shoots from time to time and I am very happy to see the photos turning out nicely! I do hope for more to come in future!

May you and I have a better year ahead,one full of opportunities,joy,good results and relationships!
Goodbye 2013,
Hello 2014!

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