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Saturday, November 23, 2013

N.E.mation!8 Week 1

Just earlier this week,N.E.mation!8 Top 10 Finalists gathered at Nanyang Polytechnic lounge to brainstorm their idea for the N.E.mation!8 challenge. I can't be anymore excited than to announce this news: I am going to be N.E.mation!8's ambassador! In case you're wondering what this is all about,N.E.mation is running their 8th edition this year as a digital animation competition that allows youths to express their thoughts on Singapore's Total Defence.

Having no prior experience in animation,students are provided workshops and instructors to help them create their video that is broadcast-worthy. Certain clips had been sent for international animation festivals and bagged several awards!

This year,the theme is :
Because You Played A Part

I think that this is a good theme. It allows freedom to explore and does not tie down to any requirements,because it's all about YOU. As an ambassador,my job is to bring to you news about the two teams that I have been assigned to. First of all,I am going to introduce you the two teams that I have been assigned to:
  1. NE02 Dairy Products - School of the Arts (SOTA)
  2. NE03 Delta-gaytors - CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School

Dairy Product
Team Members:
Caleb Lau, Beatrice Leong, Lee Dewei, Ian Chung

Team Members:
Rachel Song, Gwyneth Ang, Teresa Yong, Denise See

Do give me and them some support by liking their teams on N.E.mation!8's Facebook page!
N.E.mation!8 Top 10 teams
Keep your eyes peeled for Dairy Products and Delta-gaytors! Also,wouldn't you be curious to find out who are the rest of the ambassadors representing other teams? Yes,they are Mint, Colin, Karen and Sarah! Wait for the next post,I will very soon be bringing you the updates of my first visit to the actual site of their work place!

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