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Thursday, November 28, 2013

N.E.mation!8 Week 1: Meeting the teams

So last week when I visit the first team,I was surprised to find them all so diligently at work! All of them had an objective and a task to complete,according to schedule.
 photo _DSC0869_zps8cb39712.jpg

 photo _DSC0875_zps0a0e9961.jpg
Diary Products are a tight bunch of kids whose very down-to-earth,very warm and friendly! They named themselves Diary Products because one of them loves milk,so this is a picture of them holding a box of milk!

 photo _DSC0877_zpse2629039.jpg
They are doing stop-motion and this is the set-up. Yes,portraits are the hints to what is about to come! This set-up was done with the help of their instructors. With a towering tripod overhead,I could not help but marvel at the capability of these young animators.

 photo page_zps94c2d9bb.jpg
I do believe that they have a better grasp with Photoshop than I do. So many things that I did not even know that I play with on Photoshop! Alignment and hue adjustment is the key. They have a sharp eye for perfection.

 photo _DSC0878_zpse00b3b5b.jpg
Here's Beatrice doing the social media work! Posting photos on Instagram and writing posts on their Facebook page.

And the next team? Delta-gaytors!
 photo _DSC0885_zpsc03cab74.jpg
Okay,the girls from this group is damn hyper. They often pull pranks on their instructors and other teams! I think it does help to liven up the place =)

 photo _DSC0892_zps50280dd4.jpg
Learn from the duck
Cool and calm on the surface... but sibei kan cheong below the water!
They don't just have their photo on the wall but also attached this duckie pic. HAHA!

 photo _DSC0897_zps13abf349.jpg
The Delta-gaytors are doing more than just stop-motion,they have animation and stop-motion.
 photo _DSC0882_zps134c9adb.jpg
Something that they do. Everything animation is done from scratch,they have to explore their imagination and bring these characters to live!!!

 photo _DSC0894_zpsd986332a.jpg
The set-up in their tent. And what's that on the table?

 photo _DSC0888_zpsfc45c496.jpg
Singapore monopoly! You would be surprised. This set of monopoly is DONE FROM SCRATCH! With the help from Sarah,she sourced out the street names (and they really exist in Singapore!) as well as designed the cards,money etc. Isn't that amazing? I thought it was real! I cannot imagine the amount of effort and time put into the whole production.

 photo _DSC0890_zps6fa4780f.jpg
Close-up shot of the monopoly.

 photo _DSC0891_zps3514155d.jpg
Here's their instructor giving them advise on the direction of the project.

 photo _DSC0895_zps88be5bb1.jpg
Bears,bears all over the place. Actually there's only two bears and a nemo blanket. It made the whole tent very cosy and there's plenty of tidbits bought to keep the entire team going.

 photo _DSC0898_zpsd48664a4.jpg
Remember the pranks that I was telling you about? This is not really a prank but they taped their own photo as a joke,on the boys' tent. And it aligned pretty well. The piece of paper with a kiss on the right is written by the boys team! Also,this was done when they have not formally introduced themselves. How sporting!

Wait for the next post and I will tell you what they are planning to do with the photo frame and monopoly set-up! But right now,go visit nemation 8 for more information and show my two teams some support!
Here is Dairy Product's FB page!
And Delta-gaytor's FB page!

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