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Friday, September 20, 2013

OWL Beancurd Pudding review

Good morning! Craving for some local breakfast? Soya beancurd pudding has been trending for the last few months and not missing out on this opportunity in creating a unique soya beancurd pudding catered to our local palette,OWL just launched their latest product:

As Straits Asian Coffee leader with 50 years in history,their coffee had withstand the test of time and quality in delivering their promise of good coffee. Made from 100% non-GMO organic soya beans,this Soya beancurd pudding is suitable for anyone,including Halal consumers and ovo-lacto vegetarians.

Want to prepare for a house party in the comfort of your home? This classic dessert couldn't get any easier to prepare!

(picture credit to Yummy Food Book)
To enjoy OWL Soya Beancurd Pudding, simply dissolve a packet of the premixed powder formula in a pot of water and stir well until it boils.
 photo photo_zpsa0b88203.jpg
Pour the mixture into the five microwavable containers, which are provided free in each OWL pack and refrigerate them for two hours. The best and silkiest home-made soya beancurd pudding is ready to be enjoyed. Soya beancurd pudding lovers can even personalize it by adding their favourite toppings like longan or gingko nuts.

A packet of 5s is now retailing at S$5.50.
OWL had just opened their very first OWL cafe last year,located at The Star Vista(located next to Buona Vista MRT).

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