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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Launch of Corona Mexican Bulldog Cocktail

I steadied my balance while tottering on high heels,trotting along the street that led up to No.5 Emerald Hill cocktail bar. I was invited by Poppy to the Corona Singapore's launch of their new beer:

Corona Mexican Bulldog

No prizes for any guess on the origins of the beer,especially this
 photo img063_zps9b88c1a1.jpg
Jessie came as my plus one. Heck,let's just put on a fake mustache and get in the mood!
 photo _DSC0027_zps07652ef2.jpg
I love the look of the place. Red lamps hung overhead while we were immediately served with a bottle of Corona beer each.
 photo _DSC0026_zps84897a84.jpg
Along with peanuts too! Everyone in the bar is just making small talk while sipping beer while waiting for the launch. Even with the music I can still hear Jessie talk as we did the same and commented about the taste of the beer. More friends arrived and I couldn't be any happier to catch up with them.

 photo img062_zps26a7d4be.jpg
Ohhhh yes. As you might be able to guess from the picture,something exciting is about to happen!

 photo _DSC0044_zps98ebc5a0.jpg
Samba dancers! Along with Mexican drummers,they danced on back and forth in their choreographed steps,hyping up the mood. Everyone watched in glee and some woman,I kid you not,went up and jiggled her shoulders along with the dancers. Haha!

 photo _DSC0042_zpsb5056d28.jpg
Our emcee for the evening. The Samba dancers pushed out a trolley of smoking cold (yo man,it's dry ice) Corona Mexican Bulldog for its official launch.

It looked something like that. My first thought was omg,the margarita is SO gonna spill over when we turn that Corona upside down on it. But no,it slowly sank into the margarita. For some reason,I do enjoy this 'cause of its light and refreshing taste. Got me asking for a second bottle ;) I couldn't be more happy when Fiona sent half a dozen to my house! It's time to organize a house party. Thank you Poppy and Fiona for the invitation,and Jessie for being such a good company!

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