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Friday, September 06, 2013

A Certain Melancholy

Tonight is a cold night,it had been raining for the whole day and flooded a particular area in Singapore,also resulting in the closure of AYE.

There is a certain kind of sadness to this chilly night as I sat here,thinking about life.

I wish I can say that I miss you without being judged by people. Judging me,or judging you. There is a little joy and fulfillment that I will be leaving Singapore in two weeks time,to Germany. So many things that I have planned for and imagined myself enjoying the trip with my friends. But none can be compared to the number of times I tried to imagine how your response would be,just to tell you that I am leaving Singapore.

I admit that I am afraid to know the answer from you. I have this nagging feeling that in the end,I will let myself down by not saying anything at all.

Again,I really do miss you,but it's something that I would have to lock up deep inside my heart so that only I will know and nobody can judge both of us.

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