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Monday, August 05, 2013

Magnum Singapore Bar Launch at Clarke Quay

Remember this awesome media kit that Magum sent me and how excited I was to attend the Magnum Bar launch held at Clarke Quay? It was wonderful and I had SO MUCH magnum ice cream! It's probably the most number of Magnum ice cream I ever had in one sitting. Phew!

Fah lala~ Looks fun? Of course,I had fun at the Magnum Singapore Bar Launch!

Arriving at Clarke Quay,the whole setup was decked in theme colours of black and pink.

Live moodometer was used to decide whether the crowd like more of the colour black or pink. Live twitter feed can be seen once you tweet with the hashtag #makeitblack or #makeitpink. Heck,any pictures that you post were almost immediately seen by everyone the big screen!

I quickly head for the bar launch sneak preview,joining Jessie and Shu Qing to enjoy the Magnum desserts wonderfully prepare by the chef. Paul Foster was our host for the night and he's very witty! What chef? Well,check this out:

Named after one of Shakespeare's famous works,this dessert 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' is created with edible flowers, assorted fizzy berries, white chocolate sheet and Magnum ice cream. The fusion of sweet ice cream and chocolate with the sour berries is nothing like your kopitiam sweet and sour pork chops. The white chocolate goes exceptionally well and gave a very refreshing taste.

The above two are one of the many desserts that you can expect from the Magnum bar!

Magnum Pink ice cream,with a pearlescent pink crackling coated with chocolate and a tinge of Marc de Champagne within.

Magnum Black would certainly need no further explanation for its colour. What's more interesting is its taste,an intense black espresso coffee coated with their signature thick layer of dark chocolate.

Feeling a little more courageous after a couple of free flow champagnes,I decided that I must show the world how much I enjoyed the Magnum ice cream.

"Oh,dear god."

Here's Shuqing and CK! We finished up our Magnum and went back to the photo booth for more photo taking!

Couldn't resist taking more photos because they too give printouts for everyone in the photo. Heck,that's a huge Magnum chair right there that we must plonk our ass on it!

Jaymee Ong came in a dress with black and pink LED lights! The moodometer will change the colour of the LED lights on her dress,according to the crowd's mood;whether they like it pink or black.

Francesca Rosella, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Cute Circuit, with CEO Ryan Genz had designed the dress specifically for Magnum!

The big shots from Magnum came to officiate the launch and the black veil surrounding the Magnum Bar fell away,revealing a sparkling bar that beckoned us to create our own pleasure bar.

Wait. What?
Click here and see how I created my own Magnum ice cream! Customized to my very own liking. I chose gold flakes and rose petals! Yummy! The mere thought of it makes me salivate. Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store will be roving around Singapore, with the first stop at Clarke Quay Central Fountain from the 27th July – 26th August 2013. Open daily from 12pm to 11pm. Magnum was also exceptionally generous,offering sticks of Magnum ice cream to those around the Clarke Quay fountain.

I definitely had fun there. Thank you Shuqing and Jessie for being such a sport and joining me for this Magnum Bar launch,and thank you

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