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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Beerfest 2013: Taiwan Beer and 2 new launch flavours

I was happy to be invited to Beerfest 2013 and many thanks to Taiwan Beer for inviting me over. It was an eye-opener for me to see the number of beer labels participating in this year's Beerfest that was held at Marina Promenade from 13-16 June 2013. Over 400 types of beer from all around the world were here that day! It was a very hot day,many people were standing around talking and cooling off with a beer in hand. I made a beeline towards the booth that invited me:

Taiwan Beer

I met Malcolm,Darren,Kevin and Shoel! Long time no see yo! =D

It was so hot that day,and it felt so good to have the bubbling beer flowing down our throat. During this Beerfest,Taiwan Beer launched two new fruit flavours in addition to their existing fruit series. The Grape Fruit Beer and Orange Fruit Beer uses the grapes and oranges farmed in Taiwan to help the fruit farmers sell their fruits,unlike the other fruit series which imports their flavourings.
 photo dsc03128_zpse312f341.jpg
These days,people are looking to try out fruity beers as compared to the traditional ones. Taiwan Beer launched the Sweet Touch Lychee Fruit Beer and White Grape Fruit Beer to cater to the market.

 photo dsc03127_zps89cd4daf.jpg
Seeing success in this market,they extended their fruit beer range with Sweet Touch Green Apple Fruit Beer, Taiwan Beer Mango Fruit Beer and Pineapple Fruit Beer.

This time round,Taiwan Beer added the Orange Fruit Beer. Meant to refresh the taste buds,I personally prefer something sweeter as compared to one that's a tad sour. And this is where the Grape Fruit Beer comes in. The sweetness is just right,and matches well with the beer. A swivel and a swosh,down the throat it goes. Makes everyone of us present feel less grumpy about the heat in Singapore.

 photo dsc03093_zps1d28f71e.jpg
It is not a beverage that you easily get drunk on,or I suppose you could try (getting drunk) after downing a carton of those! With a low alcohol content of 2.8% and 5% real fruit juice,the fruit aroma stands out and simply makes you want to go for a second drink.

With Renzze,Melva and Shoel.

Look at the number of beers Taiwan Beers had launched! We are all busy taking photos and had a good time chit-chatting over the endless flow of beer that quenched our thirst despite the terrible heat. Thank you Taiwan Beer for the warm hospitality and I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the newly-launched flavours! I am personally not a beer person but I certainly do enjoy the fruity beers,each time ordering the Mango beer at Brotzeit and now I have another brand where I can enjoy fruity beers. It makes me happy! Cheers!

Photo credits to Taiwan Beer and Malcom

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