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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Getting my own domain: IDreamToBreakAway.com

Good morning lovelies!

Things were never somewhat complete without my own domain and tadah! If you realise,you are now on:

I have evolved from whirlwind-dreamS to whirlwind-dreamZ,because I accidentally delete my blog. Otherwise you would be reading all my posts that goes all the way back into 2004. Wow,I have almost been blogging unofficially for 10 years! Can you believe it?! Well,now I have finally gotten my very own domain! Wheeeee! Anyways,my friends often find it a mouthful and I myself included,am sometimes embarrassed to say such a long name. I was deciding in between IDreamToBreakAway.com and OwlDreams.com,cause I like owls too and it sounded like OurDreams,very optimistic liddat. But everyone said that it sound like a kid's storybook so I went ahead with IDreamToBreakAway,same as my twitter handle. Oh! By the way,my twitter handle IS suppose to be IDreamToBreakAway,but
only allowed 15 characters so I have no choice but to reduce it to @Dream2BreakAway.

So anyways,finally my own domain! Here's a picture of me with a good morning to everyone out there!

Intense stare,bare-faced and was on my way to a photo shoot. Perhaps I will upload a couple of my photo shoot pictures here next time.

Just this very morning,I was on my way to school and bought a bun to eat in school. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green,the granny beside me took out a letter and asked me in Hokkien about the contents of letter. I looked at it and realised that it's about dengue prevention. Nothing serious,but I don't know how to tell her that. She couldn't understand when I say it in Mandarin,so I do a scratching motion on my arm and her face instantly brighten up,showing that she understood. Then she laughed,showing her two teeth/tooth (I don't know what to say,honestly but it makes me happy to know that she understands). She then asked me if I'm eating my bread,which I nodded. I am a Hokkien lang(person) but don't know how to speak and only know how to listen a bit. This incident in the morning kinda make me feel ashamed that I don't know how to communicate in Hokkien and to an elderly.

And I also start to wonder,about us being so xenophobic and showing much disdain/resentment towards foreigners. We cannot really say that we have communication barrier with them when most of the younger generation don't know know how to speak their dialect and communicate with the older generation. And to think that people express such interest in learning new languages such as Korean,French,Italian or Spanish! Nothing wrong in learning new languages but don't be dumbfounded like me when an elderly approach you for help. No wonder my mother always chide me for not knowing any dialect,now I know what she mean by that.

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