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Monday, April 15, 2013

The 20 dishes at Food Republic

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Last week,I was invited to try out the food at the newly opened Food Republic located in Suntec City. They just underwent renovation and is more spacious,brighter than before. I was really glad to see some familiar faces there and much to my surprise,we are about to try out all the dishes at Food Republic! That's 19 dishes for the 10 bloggers who came! Oh gosh,I don't know if I can finish it but here we go:
 photo cats-11_zps2880f0fe.jpg
Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice Set,$6.50.

 photo _DSC0926_zps9a8d727d.jpg
Fancy some peanut/coconut tutu kueh that is commonly found in Pasar Malam? Well,you can enjoy some here! From the Chinatown Tan's Tutu kueh stall.

 photo _DSC0943_zps01648d90.jpg
Soya bean and dough fritters,$2.60. This is surprisingly good,coming from Food Republic. The fritters lack of that smelly oil smell but very crispy. I really enjoy dipping it into the soya bean,which is deliciously smooth. It goes down the throat easily,unlike some other places that I have tried and it was powdery.

 photo page-14_zps594056d0.jpg
There's special dosa with masala from Savaranaa Bhavan. I thought it was really nice of the stall owner to come and serve us personally and interact with us,telling us what sort of curry is nice and what goes well with what.

 photo _DSC0942_zps94877ac0.jpg
Sitting in one table with the lovely ladies. I enjoyed talking to all of them and I'm glad to have met Changmo. She let her hair down because her readers don't get to see her face on her blog and she calls herself changmo because of her interest in the Chinese culture! I'm very heartened to know that and hey,if you guys ever meet her,do say hi! Also,I found out that Agri and I have a common enemy. Veggies! Hahaha!

Let's continue our food journey at Food Republic,shall we? Next up is really my favorite amongst all the dishes:
 photo _DSC0964_zpsf8d3c55f.jpg
Dao Xiao Mian,$6.00 from Formosa Delights

 photo _DSC0992_zps86d4b090.jpg
The shifu expertly sliced the dough and turned it into strips of delicious noodles with a bite. Al dente,they say. I absolutely love it!

 photo _DSC0958_zps9bddfb28.jpg
Thunder Tea Rice with Brown Rice,$5.50.
 photo page-14_zps40e36050.jpg
Approved by Malcom,he said it's a very healthy dish and good for detoxing the body. This Hakka dish reminds me of Bimbimbap,where you stir everything together and eat it.

 photo _DSC0996_zpsc3c61705.jpg
Seafood Tofu Soup,$6.80 from Baek Doo San Korean. Mashisur yo!('delicious' in Korean)

 photo _DSC0993_zpscb35b2c5.jpg
Guan Chee HK Roasted Duck,$28. It has got 5 combinations of different meat in different form. Everyone was looking forward to this and we all attacked as soon as it's being set on the table!

 photo _DSC0997_zps7ba89935.jpg
Chicken Bryani Set,$5.50 from What You Do Prata

 photo _DSC1000_zps54be404e.jpg
Peanut Butter Thick Toast,$1.70 from Toast Box

 photo _DSC1003_zpse4b36114.jpg
All the bloggers who attended the food tasting session. There are many more photos taken for the 19 dishes but I figure these few are the nicer ones that I would recommend to you all. Food Republic is currently holding a competition for the top three contenders of Food Republic best hawkers through voting and judging. Mystery shoppers will be going around the island trying out the food and out of so many stalls,10 stalls will be selected and opened to the public for voting. So do you know which stall is your favorite Food Republic hawker stall? Give your vote now and you stand a chance to win up to $8000 worth of prizes!

For more details,find out more here at www.foodrepublic.com.sg/hawkerkings ,Food Republic's Facebook page or 7UP's Facebook Page.
Many thanks to Alvin,Eunice and Jesslyn for making this a wonderful food tasting session!

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