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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review: Le Noir - The Intimate Side of Circus at Marina Bay Sands

Hear the sound of laughter and merry-making in town? Well,you could very much be listening to international casts of Le Noir - The Intimate Dark Side that performed at the Mastercard Theatres in Marina Bay Sands! Brought to you by Base Entertainment,let yourself be blown away with the world-class performance of comedians,acrobats,contortionists and roller skaters!

The troupe captivated the audience with a visual feast of their theme colours: white,red and black. Coupled with dramatic stage lightings,the audience are in for a treat of visual feast! Differring from the usual set-up of an arena or auditorium,the talented Creative Producer Simon Painter,had deliberately crafted a circular stage of 2.5 meters in diameter so that the audience enjoys a 360 degree view of the wonderous performance. It is done so to provide an intimacy with the audience,so close that you can even see the performers' facial expression onstage.

The cast of twenty circus performers from 14 different countries around the World.
The most intriguing performer would be Roller Skater Leandro Zeferino Micaelo and Ursula Naike Nunez Rossi.

They came in the 9th generation from the families of Dias and Rossi respectively,two circus families which produce the best traditional circus acts around the world such as jugglers,acrobats and comedians.

Both of them were worked individually in different shows and different circuses before coming together to create this Roller Skates act.

Then we also have the twin sisters doing the duo trapeze. Born in 1986 in Kharlov,they started performing artistic gymnastics in the the city of Kherson at the age of 5. Showing great potential,they left for Canada to join the Cirque Du Soleil at the age of 14. Spending 2 years learning the art of trapeze,they starred in Cirque Du Soleil's show Saltimbanco wth their duo trapeze act.

Through an interview wth the sisters Ruslana and Taisiia Balii from Ukraine,I found out from them that they are very much delighted to be here in Singapore and with the stage set-up. You may be surprise to know that despite the need to maintain their weight,they adhere to no diet and eat whatever they like! Sitting just right in front of them,I feel so envious of their well-toned arm muscles. They said that they worked out 2-3 times a week in order to train their stamina,and pilates to train the smaller muscles.

Dangling from a great height,their emotional and graceful performance really wowed the audience.

The performers dance their way onstage from the audience,decked in a spectacular costume of red.

Moving their body in beat with the music carefully selected for the performance,they showed off their flexibility. Indeed,they are so seductive and beautiful! With a fantastic emcee and acting ringmaster for Le Noir,Salvador Salangsang Jr provided a hilarious and unforgettable experience for the audience. Inviting some members from to audience to partake his stand-ups,the whole theatre exploded with laughters.

Last but not least,the ever-so-graceful Irina Naumenko from Russia who performed the Hand Balance.

I sm so happy with the stage-up as here,it is evident how the 360 degree view experience provide the audience with such wonderful sight to behold. The rest of the cast were often not resting but moving slowly around the star that's in the limelight.

Very interactive and beautiful. I could not keep my jaws shut!

The energetic and vibrant cast ilicit a standing ovation from the audience. Marvellous,simply marvellous!

Book your tickets here today while the show runs from 12 - 29 March 2013
Ticket prices:
VIP - S$370
(Sold in a set of 2 seats. Each VIP ticket holder is entitled to ONE glass of champagne and a box of macaroons)
A Reserve - S$135
B Reserve - S$95
C Reserve - S$55
D Reserve - S$35
13 Mar 2013 - 31 Mar 2013
Tuesday - Thursday: 8pm
Friday (22 March): 8pm
Friday (15 and 29 March): 7pm
Saturday: 3pm and 8pm
Sunday: 1pm and 5pm

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