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Monday, March 04, 2013

Pent-up emotions

Just decided to fill this blog with a (likely to be) short post about my personal feelings,since I always blog about what I do,but seldom about my feelings. Maybe it's a late-night morning emo post but regardless,just certain things I learned. I do wonder who will bother to read this.

I suppose I would say I seldom form opinions from a one-off basis but more like what I observed over time. So these opinions that follows next are not something that happened over the past few months but what I would say,for the past 2 years. Maybe close friends would noticed,I am not the same me as compared to 2 years ago.

No.1 Not everyone is meant to achieve big things
It's true. We are young,we have big dreams and a bright future ahead. But that requires hard work,consistency and a bit of luck too. And not everyone has it. You may hear success stories,but I feel that they can only be a source of motivation or inspiration,not a guaranteed chance of success. You may feel special,as if you were meant to achieve. But tell me,how many uncles sitting at the coffee shop chit-chatting about life and wanting to become rich,how many of them haven't dreamt of making big during their youth days? All of them. But out of 10,how many actually made it? Only 1. So please,be realistic. Don't snort and tell me that I'm stereotyping. Trust me,it takes time to show and I guarantee you that the results will show in 8-10 years time. Then you tell me how many had big dreams and how many actually made it.

No.2 Not everyone is meant to be rich
Everyone wants to be rich because we think that it can solve our problems. But honestly? It can only solve our problems to a certain extent. Such as paying off debts. You may think that acquiring that material want that you have always dreamed of,such as a branded bag or a nice car,may satisfy. But it's not true. Research shown that additional amount of money after fulfiling your basic need will not make you any happpier. Peopele think that they know what they want but no,they don't. Maybe that's why most women are fickle-minded. I wished I had strike that 10 million toto,and that would definitely solve my problem and allow me to go study overseas! But thinking about it,I would be given a choice that I may not what to choose. What route would essentially bring me success in life? So then again,maybe it's not great to be given a choice after all. Gives you more headache and better to follow what life brings you,make the best out of what you are thrown into.

No.3 Privacy
I was very sure that my ex-bf was whom I want to be with for the rest of my life,but apparently the feelings was not mutual. I had became wary of people around me ever since that episode and I decided I want more privacy. How strange it is for a blogger to say this! But as you can see from the posts before,I seldom talk about my emotions. So maybe,who's the next mysterious guy? ;) To L,if we ever talk again,I just want to say thank you for teaching me many things in life and setting my priorities right.

No.4 To those who left
I will never reject you if you ever need any help,I will never close my door on you. I will not complain a single word but go all the way for you. This is my promise to you. Our paths may have parted due to conflicting differences and different priorities or outlook in life,I just want to say,do leave a good word for each other. I can't dictate what you do but I can promise you that I will not complain a single word about your short comings. If you have left,I cannot persuade you to stay because if it makes you any happier,I would gladly comply. Let us not look back any more and let fate decide the future between you and me.

I shall end this post with two sentences that I believe in:
My favourite song for 4 years now,it never gets old:

It feels as though I am waiting for something to happen,but I am not sure what is it. Right now,I shall continue pursuing my hobbies.

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