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Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 1 in Japan : Nagoya

Day 1 in Japan
I am on my way to conquer Southeast Asia! Just kidding,just trying to put my foot in every Asian city around and I am proud to say that I just visited Japan last year. That is,with my school about 3 months back. I leapt on the opportunity to go on the school trip to Japan and learnt plenty during my trip.

True to what many said,the culture there is amazing and the girls there have awfully high-pitched voice,too kawaii~ (cute) already!

So on the first day,we took a midnight flight on Japan Airlines. I sat beside a Japanese guy cause I was the last one to check-in,with my 14kg luggage. Together with my travel essentials...

Jetting off to Japan

The seats weren't that nice and it was very cold on the flight. I do wish that it had been Singapore airlines,or was it Qatar airlines? I can't remember but one of them that I flew with provided socks. I don't think any of my schoolmates slept anyway,so I studied on the flight. Hehe! We flew from Singapore Changi Airport to Tokyo Haneda airport before transferring to Narita Airport for a flight to Nagoya.

This photo reminds me of Crayon Shin Chan,where the class goes out for excursions and they would be like "Wahhhhh" and they showed a sea with glistening waters. Haha! On our way to lunch. Sat at the last row. You know what they say about last row...
Stopped by this quaint little coffee shop that is in the middle of nowhere I guess..
Had this for lunch,it was okay. Not really fantastic. Some fried fish but I like the soup more. It sure perked me up,and my schoolmates too because we are all too tired from the overnight flight.

Next stop...
The friggin huge Solar Ark

Taught us about the solar panels and it's functionality.

Schoolmates grinning happily cause they took photos with chiobu. JUST KIDDING! I think everyone's happy cause they are finally in Japan. So am I!

Then we went off to Oasis21,passing by the Nagoya TV Tower at Hisaya Ōdori Park.
Kinda remind me of Eiffel Tower

The lush green trees that surrounded the tower were beautiful,it felt so magical with the setting sun. I can so totally imagine happy couples strolling by in the day!

Daryl,me,Nelia and Justina
(left to right)

Can't leave any place without a jump shot yo,happy faces are us!

Photographers and models at work!
Didn't really shop around the area,cause there wasn't much time. We had to go for dinner soon but not before stopping by Starbucks for a cuppa. Not all that fantastic,I still prefer that Starbucks in UK.

Went off for dinner.
Pork Katsu Don,something like that. I'm not very familiar with the japanese names for food. My muslim friends had prawns! The pork was a little tough so I didn't finish everything,too filling as well!
Conquered the entire restaurant because it's a very small one.

Finally,back to our hotel. This is my room at Cypress Garden Hotel!
The room is very small,with barely enough space to walk about! Heck,look at the bath tub. You can only SIT in it,not lie down in it. I didn't get to use the bath tub throughout my entire trip. I showered and went downstairs to explore the area with my friends,with some heading off to Takashimaya,which is 2 train stations away.

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