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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A belated Christmas post

Happy New Year darlings! I supposed I am very late in posting this Christmas post but it's the start of the year and school has started,with the influx of projects and assignments. Gosh. Anyways,just wanna blog about my Christmas :)

So on Christmas,I went out with Derrick for lunch at 313@Somerset (that place is quickly becoming my favourite hangout place) and then met up with the Lychees for ice-skating.

Tying up my shoe lace!

Gernaine wore a beanie that day. It's as though we're overseas!

Christmas decors at the rink,so festive. Haha!

We all decided to go bowling since Daryl said he's good at it. Fine,challenge accepted! And he's grinning cause he thinks he's going to trash us.

Here's the score. I suck at bowling. Don't know why I keep throwing gutter ball. But I have valid reasons: My dog bit me!

After which we all decided to go to Starbucks,chill and draw in my diary. Now my diary has got colourful greetings in Japanese and Korean language because each of them knows the language!

Kergen wasn't around during this period because he is having a good time without us in Taiwan with his family. But when he finally came back a couple days later,we had a good party at Gernaine's place!

The boys eagerly opening their presents.

Gernaine shrieked in delight when she opened the door to greet Daryl. This guy bought us a rose each!

Look at our happy faces,all that presents and cards :D

Then it's dance central 2,quickly becoming a favourite game each time we go to someone's house!

And then there's mahjong.

KFC and Moscato for dinner. We were too lazy to walk to the supermarket and buy ingredients for dinner. Gosh,to think I brought a recipe book that day! Maybe Gernaine was afraid that I would burn down her house. HAHA! Just kidding! :P

And then it's Dance Central again!

Gernaine and Daryl were playing Dance Central... Hey Kergen,let's take a picture!

Dance dance dance~ It's a showdown! Super tiring to keep dancing so we decided to take photos instead.

Dary is afraid to be tickled.

While we were tickling Daryl.... OMG Kergen,what are you doing to the bear?!

I love this photo. We all looked so happy and it's so natural,so candid!

While setting up the camera..

Everywhere but the camera!

Pretended to be disgusted by what the boys told us. Haha!

Love this photo too! See us,the girls,so ever-ready for the camera while the boys were actually chao ah beng in disguise.

Someone concussed already because it was getting late.

One final shot to end a good night.

Our whatsapp group chat is always changing name and right now,we are called the Lychees! Haha,random much. I think it's amazing how we became a small but fun bunch! Currently in discussion for a possible grad trip,and I can't wait! *full of excitement*

All photos taken from Gernaine

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