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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 @ Genting: Day 2

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Are you guys expecting me to blog about the Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 held in Genting? Because I am going to bombard you all with the photos of the challenge right now! Thanks to Resort World Genting,my partner and I had a whale of a time at the challenge! Along with me on this trip are fellow Singaporean bloggers Charlene and Cindy while the Malaysian bloggers are Sarah,Lionel and Wilson.

Day 2

Rise and Sunshine darlings!

We knew we had to do the challenge of running around so we skipped the breakfast. Changing into our t-shirts below!

We woke up bright and early!
Ya,we did wake up early but a series of unfortunate events caused us to be late for the briefing.
1. We went out of the room and took the lift down -which stopped at every level cause there were so many people in the morning- and in the lift,we realised that we forgot to bring out the indemnity form!
2. Took the lift back up and realised that we left the room keys in the room itself! Asked the cleaner but she said we have to go to the front desk :( So we took the lift down again(still stop,but fewer times).
3. Waited at the front desk with no phone to contact Oprah but thankfully,the staff helped us to contact her!
4. Got our room keys and went back up AGAIN! And this time as we got our indemnity form,room keys with us,we took the lift down that didn't stop at all! I guess third time spells a lucky time for us,FINALLY.

At the Genting International Convention Centre (GICC),everyone gathered for the briefing and draw team numbers on each other's face. A team of 2,a total number of 19 teams!
Here's Gernaine painting our team number on my face.

Team 13,go go go!

After the briefing was done,we were told to get get our maps. Which inside has got the stations we were suppose to go to. No skipping stations,get the marshals' signatures and collect a piece of puzzle before moving onto the next station!

Saw the one in black running away? Yes,le kancheong was one of the first to get the map and quickly heading back to the table to have a look.

But we were all not allowed to start,can only open up. Everyone's route is different though. Then we headed onstage to pose for a pic together with everyone else and our MAP! Say cheese~

After which we began the challenge.
Ready? Set? GO!!!
Our first challenge was to find the EuroExpress,which was located at the indoor theme park. One of us have to take the ride while the other party have to look at the superhero name on a piece of paper given by the marshal and stand at the overhead bridge,signaling to the one on the ride the superhero action. After the ride,the one on the ride have to tell the marshal what superhero is that and if the answer is wrong,the penalty is to take the ride again!

I went on the ride and this first station was fairly easy because Gernaine's actions were rather obvious. Our superhero is Ultraman!

Thank you Ultraman for your signature look: Spacium Ray power. LOL! I heard that another team got Iron Man and I wouldn't really know what kind of action to do within that 1 minute.

Then the next station is Snow World,which is located indoors as well.

It's frigging cold inside there,-7 degrees!!! See the jacket that the woman on the right is wearing? I feel so dumb not knowing that they actually provide jackets and gloves for us. We went in just. Like. That. Here,we have to slide down on a float and randomly pick a piece of paper that says flavour of the ice cream. And 2 of us can't pick the same flavour or one of us have to do it all over again. Unfortunately,both of us picked Chocolate!!! So I went up,slide down and this time if I pick chocolate again,Gernaine would have to go up and do it again. Luckily I picked strawberry.

Then we went to the other corner and was made to eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 45 seconds. DAMN. 3 scoops in -7 degrees. YOU TELL ME. We couldn't finish and the penalty was to stay there for 20 seconds before going off.

The next challenge is the Flying Dragon,which is an indoor rollercoaster. This is.. A little maddening. You will see why.
We were made to do Sudoku here! And it's a little difficult despite the fact that Gernaine and I each have experience in playing Sudoku during our leisure time. After solving this,we have to do 2 math question,take the ride and tell the marshals the answers when we get down from the ride.

Next up would be the Flying Coaster! Here is Charlene's hubby taking a picture with the roller coaster:
Picture credits to Charlene
The first challenge is to do a crossword puzzle of highlighting out 10 "Flying" word. And then one of us have to memorise a tongue twister,2 of us take the ride come back and say the tongue twister. Gernaine is better with memorization so she had the 20 seconds to memorise tongue twister. And our tongue twister is:
A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook could cook cookies.

Going up the ride!
I call it this the Superman ride because the position is like Superman! The marshal said that it's the first time he heard someone(Gernaine) saying that she likes tongue twisters! And they wished us luck,heh! :D

Checking out the next place we have to go to.

This time,it's much more embarrassing. We headed to the Corkscrew ride. I have taken this before and it's pretty fun. Here,we found out that one of us have to take the ride while the other have to drink 100Plus.... From a milk bottle!!! How funny it was,because while we're running there,we were saying how thirsty we were and that we need a drink.

Here's Gernaine on the ride.

Me with the milk bottle of 100Plus. I have to finish this by the time the ride ends. NOT EASY OKAY! The 100 Plus is so gassy and it's damn difficult to drink from the milk bottle. You have to suck it out,like a baby. There was a long queue that day and everyone was looking at me because we are the only team at that station,at that time.

Next would be Pirate Ship. And this challenge would explain why my lips are red.
Because you see,one of us have to be blind-folded,turn around and draw lipstick for the other! No touching.

Yes,most likely you will get lipstick smeared all over your face. But Gernaine is pretty good and I would say it's pretty nicely done! No smears at all but we were screaming all the way because it was so scary! The people on the ride looked at us,laughed and screamed whenever we scream. LOL. I seldom put make up so I think if it's me,I would have smeared lipstick all over her face. Haha!

We have the Spinner.

Here,one of us have to take the ride while the other stand below. But both of us were given a card with many stars of different sizes on it. We have to count the stars and totaled up the number of stars.

I took the ride and quickly started counted the stars. I have 81 stars while Gernaine has 78. I even counted twice on the ride just to double confirm! And yes,it is 159 stars altogether. But if we had gotten the numbers wrong,both of us would have to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars together!!!

And then,I think the last one is Spaceshot. It used to be called Solero shot.

Super scary. Both of us screamed when we knew we had to do this challenge. It's way too frightening! Let me take the Corkscrew ride twice than sit on this! I asked the marshal what's the forfeit and she said we will have a penalty of 20 seconds there and Gernaine would have to go up TWICE. Then I looked at Gernaine looked and she said:
OMG. I can't escape this. We also have to memorise a phrase,go up,come down and recite to the marshal lor! I think I'm getting with memorising already,because I still can remember my line:
Geno Abbie Bennie Callie
Sigh,if only I'm this good at memorising theory for my studies. Well,I shut my eyes and midway,I open them again and looked up. GAWD. WHY ARE WE STILL AT MIDWAY?! After what seemed like.. AHHHHHHHH!!!! The rapid descent made my muscle tense. But... Somewhere at the back of my mind,I'm wondering about gravity and freefall. Haha.

Anyways,we successfully completed this challenge without much difficult apart from literally cold feet. Piecing our puzzles together,we ran all the way back to GICC. I think we are the the 5th team to arrive,if I'm not wrong.

Singapore team!

Every team went upstage to talk about our experience. Well,for me,I'm so glad that we have been gyming for the past few weeks,so we can run okay!

Lunch was provided before the prize presentation ceremony and the trophies goes to 4 teams out of the 19 participating teams:

Most happening team

Best Malaysian Team

Best Singaporean Team

Champion Team!

All 19 teams together with the marshals

We went back upstairs to our hotel room and pack our stuff to go home. But not before taking some pictures together! Watch out for a horde of pictures that's going to follow!

I think Adrenaline Junkie Challenge is wayyyyy cool. And do you know they really have the ambulance and paramedics stationed around in case if anything happens? I think they are quite professional and the whole challenge is well-handled. If this is going to happen again next year,I definitely want to come and hopefully,got more teams participating because it's so fun competing with everyone else! Resorts World Genting peeps,if you are reading this,please please please don't remove the Sudoku obstacle cause we still need something tough in the challenge. And I think the penalty should be longer,like 5 minutes or something!

And thank you so much for the invitation,Gernaine and I both had a whale of a time in Genting!

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Looks like u gals had fun.. (: