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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 @ Genting: Day 1

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Whoopee dooooooo! It's the end of exams! I. AM. LIBERATED! Woohoo! What's best was I received an invitation to bring a partner along and participate the Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 held at Genting!!!

I immediately thought of Gernaine and brought her along to this trip.

Day 1
I was so excited that I ran all the way from the MRT station to the bus that stopped at Singapore Press Holdings. As Lianhe Wanbao is part of this as well!

And here we are in Genting! The friendly PRs from RWG,Oprah and JQ welcomed us with our room keys and T-shirts for the challenge.

As it's only a 2 day 1 night stay,we arrived in the evening famished. We quickly went up to put down our luggage. To my surprise,we had a very nice room! When I came to Genting with my friends earlier this year,I had a room facing another room with dim lighting and very little shower space. But no,take a look at this!

Still got bath tub leh!!!! But too bad neither of us had the time to use it.

Took a camwhore shot before we go down for dinner.
Very much looking forward to the dinner at The Coffee Terrace,as recommended by some friends in Malaysia.

Yummy! Not all of the food there is nice but most are anyway. Heh! :D

We were pretty tired after the long trip so we went back earlier than the rest to crash. But not before taking a short tour around Visitor's Galleria located right next to The Coffee Terrace! It was an introduction to the founder Lim Goh Tong and the path to what makes Genting it is today. I'm surprised to see the number of trophies they had from various Asian countries as a mark of friendship!

And we head back to the super comfy First World hotel room to watch some History Channel before we sleep. Awesome posum,I didn't knew they have this channel! Alright,here's an abrupt end to Day 1. But I shall entice you to stay tuned to the next post with this picture which I thought was pretty neat!!!

Wait for it darlings,Adrenaline Junkie Challenge coming right up in Day 2!

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