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Sunday, October 14, 2012

LoveMore Masks Review

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Good Sunday morning everyone!

I hope your week has gone well. Sunday is usually the time for rejuvenating before going back to work and today,I'm gonna introduce you some masks to tone up your facial complexion!

I received several masks which I am spoilt for choice,each of them looks equally good to use and I can't wait to try all of them. Lovemore is rather popular in Taiwan and there's a lot of hype in Taiwan about their masks.

Wine Yeast Mask
This mask is said to contain refining ingredients that is mild and refines the skin really well,with whitening effect that results in fair supple skin! I have personally tried this one and love how it moisturizes my skin and giving it a fair glow which is AWESOME! If you want whitening effect,this goes without saying,that the Wine Yeast mask is recommended!

If you want to even out your facial complexion texture,you can try out the Pearl Barley & Milk Mask. Barley itself is rich in protein,vitamin B1 and B2 as well as barley prime and aster nutrients. With milk combination,it helps to revatilize your skin and smoothen it for a firmer texture.

For dry skin condition:
Loofah and Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask
As you all know,aloe vera is a very good moisturising agent and works very well for the skin. Combine it with Loofah,it's seeds that are rich in protein, lecithin, saponins, citrulline, xylanase, palmatic acid and linoleic acid; it's a good combination to refine your skin texture!

Mountain Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Mask
With Cetaphins as an anti-oxidant,it helps to give your skin a lifting effect.

Want to learn more about lifting your skin complexion and delay aging conditions? Stay tuned for my next post: Sexy Look Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask!

Check out LoveMore page in the mean time!

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