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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sold.sg Media Launch

How's your Monday morning so far? Busy at work? Feeling the Monday Blues?

Fret not,go shopping! I'm here to introduce you a new site:

Singapore-based company Sold.sg started out as a penny auction site which then gained traction and raised almost S$1 million last year.

But today,they are going beyond the penny auction. With a new facelift, they are heading further as an online shop that does direct sales to customers! Having a new flash sales section on their site, it features a limited amount of time and quantity of products which customers can bid! The two channels Sold.sg Shop and Sold.sg Sale is going to bring customers more excitement to getting the products!

Some days ago,I received an invitation to their media launch party held at Hummerstons, Robertson Walk.
Everyone's pretty excited, taking photos of the delicious canapes and drinking the white/red wine provided.

Salmon. YUMS! How irresistible!
So sad right,I'm WAS on vegan diet. Salmon,my favourite!!!

Our handsome host for the night.
So sorry,you can't really see his face cause the shitty camera don't do well under dark lighting!

Pretty Qiu Yan,co-founder of Sold.sg giving us a short presentation on Sold.sg site.
"The Sold.sg Shop and Sale sites will offer our customers immediate gratification,If they see something they like, they can make an instant purchase and have their purchase delivered right to their doorstep,” she says.

Things featured on their site! Tempting much! Imagine if we could actually get this at a lower price than outside rates... Just bid!
"No peeking!"
Games were played and winners of lucky draws got to pick some mystery gift out of the bag. One guy was got a wii controller. LOL! I don't know if that's lucky or unlucky. He have to buy a wii set to use the controller. Haha!

"One of the things that sets Sold.sg apart from all the other online shops is the idea of Soldger curation,meaning every product you see on the site was hand-chosen because of its craftsmanship, unique provenance, amazing aesthetics and unfailing qualities." say Angeline Tham, co-founder of Sold.sg

I had the opportunity to speak to Qiu Yan and was really surprised to find out that she used to be a banker! I thought that was like a really bold move to strike out on your own, and she agreed that it was intimidating indeed. She thought about it for some time before going ahead with the plan, together with Angeline. Both of them are really lovely ladies and well, looks all went well and the prospects looks promising!

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