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Friday, September 14, 2012

Problems with dining-in and take-away

I have been contemplating for a long time to blog about this topic. Not sure if many of you encountered the same problem as I do,but take-away food can sometimes be even more troublesome than eating at the place itself!

Have you guys encountered that before?
Order a take-away,waited for 20-30 minutes before you got your hands on it. Gees,for me,I order take-away because I cannot afford time to eat there. I think most people do the same. There are other factors where people want air-con etc. But usually I think,it's time-constraint.

There was a time where I ordered satay from Bedok 85 Market,and I waited up to 30 minutes! When I asked why did she have to take that long and the china woman said in her haughty voice:

"You have to wait and queue up,there are people eating here too."

Woman,why you put my order queue together with those eating HERE?! And there are a lot of people who's dining in lor! Sheesh,I'm famished after my dance classes and all I want to do is to buy my food and go home quickly. But no,I had to wait for 30minutes for a mere 15 sticks of satay! Seriously, it's like 2minutes for every satay. So NOT worth it.

My input on take-away is that food vendors should develop a better strategy.
If the ratio of 'dine-in' to 'take-away' is
Then take-away orders should override other 'dine-in' orders. If I have the time to wait,I might as well eat on the spot right? Why would I need to order a take-away? If there are a lot of take-away orders then I can understand the need to place all the orders together. But 4:1,that ain't too unreasonable. No?

Got bored waiting for a take-away

This is what I think might work. Any inputs? Would love to hear from you too!

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