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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

F1 night race in Singapore

How was the F1 season in Singapore for you so far?

I never got around taking part in any F1 events before and I thought this year would be the same. Until... I received a call from DK,with a ticket to the F1 show! Whoop whoop! I was so excited that I immediately agreed. Mad excited for it,especially it's at the grandstand. You know,at least it's not like a walkabout,with proper seats. PROPER SEATS!

Look of the day :)

Shu Qing, Jessie and HP were much more excited than me,they went for the F1 concert too! By the time I arrived,they were featuring Bananarama,which I heard was very popular back then in the 80s-90s.

Just before the race begun

In anticipation

Gosh,those cars were really LOUD.
No wonder people say that you need ear plugs. People whose never been there before would say that the ear plugs doesn't help but I say it DOES! It's not as loud and thankfully helped a bit when you are sitting there. I think it helps better than ear piece though.

They had Maroon 5 concert that night, but I was too tired to join the crowd and decided to go back home. Being unable to see that moves like Jagger singer,it's a pity. Next time hopefully! What more,the contract for F1 has been extended to 2017. Hope to see more singers in future.
Another addition of lanyards to my collection =)
Thank you DK and Singtel!

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