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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Changes in my life: Eating vegetables and ballet

Hey guys,just a little update in my life right now! So many things happening at the same time,and I can hardly catch my breathe.

Right now,I'm holding a temp job in a company (hush hush,I'm not telling. Hehe!) and am very happy due to it's flexibility. It's got something to do with writing and I really enjoy it very much. I can't afford to indulge in any entertainment right now because I have time constraint leading up to the 'BIG DAY'. Can't tell you what is it and no,I'm not getting married any time soon either.

Look for the first day of work. Tied up my hair! What do you think? I haven't really sport this look ever since my secondary school day.
So right now,it's just work to sustain myself and study.
Yes,be independent!
Yes,be self-sufficient!
And yes,you can do it!

Anyway,my ballet term classes is coming to an end soon.
I do very much hope to continue,despite my time constraint. I would really love to go up to advance classes and dance en pointe! That's my personal goal which I hope to achieve =)
In time to come!

Another thing would a switch in diet: Carnivore to Vegan.
There are several reason so maybe I will explain this one after 49 days of going vegan. I do hope that I'm doing the right way.

Day 1,1st meal:
16 September 2012 aka 1st of August (八月 in lunar calendar)

Day 2,1st meal:

Day 2,2nd meal:

Mom cooked vegetarian fried rice for me!

Of course,if you have been following me on twitter,I stated that I am going to try and record this journey. Vegan journey,haha!
Yupe,I think switching diet is one of the biggest change in my life if I can stick to it. It's a matter of willpower,yes no? I used to be a strict carnivore for many many many years,absolutely no vegetables. Of course I still eat rice,potatoes. But no greens,no beans~ All my friends knows that I abhor vegetables. If there's a green on my plate,I won't touch the bowl until it's removed.

I guess something clicked after I left the temple at Bugis. I only made the decision after I left the temple. But of course there's no divine attribution to this switch.

I almost gave up my vegan diet this afternoon while trying to decide what to eat for lunch. I used to complain that there's nothing to eat. But now when I restrict myself,there's so much to eat!

As I walk along the hawker center,there's so many different kind of delicious smell in the air! I can smell.. Seafood Ban mian,mee goreng,mee siam. I see people tucking in to the delicious (and what I also love) Bak Chor Mee,fish porridge,sliced pork etc. I nearly succumb to the temptation of eat meat,imagine chewing that delicious spicy pork with rice....

NO! After minutes of deciding (I only have 1 hour lunch break,cannot waste!),I went back to that one and only vegetarian stall to order beehoon and vegetables. So there,this is my

Day 3,1st meal:

This is my first time ordering vegetables for myself!

I hope to keep this up and see where it takes me to.
Change is slow,but definite,so long I don't stop ;)

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Anonymous said...

good luck!