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Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIS Season 2

Good afternoon everybody!

It's Friday,TGIF people!
Have you made any plans for tonight? Or are you staying on your couch watching tv tonight? Fear not,the next episode of TGIS Season 2 is up! In case you don't know what is TGIS about,it is a series of short clips which features everything that Singaporeans are passionate about. Especially about tech stuff,it guides people to understand the usage of social media,gadgets and technology!

This is the opening episode for Season 2 of TGIS: The National Day Special

And the latest episode would be this: Singapore's Youngest iPhone App Developer

In this episode,Joanne-Marie chats with 12 year old Lim Ding Wen about developing the app.

This season is going to be more awesome as they bring Joanne-Marie to the outdoors and you can expect the upcoming episodes would be uncovering some of Singapore's emerging technology and entertainment talents. I can't wait,especially with such a hot host! Go go Joanne-Marie! :D

For more information about TGIS,do visit Singtel's Facebook page or YouTube page!

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