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Friday, August 17, 2012

Random photos

I thought I would just post a few random photos captured from different periods in my life.
From Singapore Blog Awards 2012

My dearest lovely Cousins*
I'm going to blog about our Sentosa trip soon! It will be funny,I promise.
That night,we did an individual jump shot and Conan collated them altogether. We were all surprised at the outcome of our poses. It wasn't planned,I swear. It just so happened that everyone jumped in the 'right' direction! Mine is the one with the long skirt. Ballerina much? Heh!

Last Kampong in Singapore
The reputably last Kampong in Singapore. Kids eyed us 3 (Conan,Angie and me) behind those window panes as we walked along the dirt road. Lots of mosquitoes. I don't know how people can stand living there. I personally find it intrusive if there are people coming in every few days just to 'check out' my house. LOL!

Me and Angie
Thanks Conan,for all these photos. You always capture the right moment :)

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