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Monday, August 06, 2012

Growing up...

It's a late night and I decided to blog this,I have been thinking about this topic for some time already. I was bending over the sink and washeding my face when suddenly I realised,I'm so much taller now as compared to my 6 year old self back then.

The process of growing up is biologically the same for everyone,but our experience makes the process unique. We all have a different goal to signify our growth. Remember? It could be simple things like:
  • Finally reaching a certain height that you have been looking forward to
  • Going for your first spelling test
  • Trying out a certain dish from a stall in the canteen
  • Taking your first PE test in school

What I'm talking about here is childhood,in case you didn't realise. For me,it's the height. I remembered that when I was younger,I was short and I had to tip toe in order to turn on the tap at the sink. I had to look up and reach out,stretch really really hard to turn on the tap. And the satisfaction of being able to turn on the tap never fails to make me happy. I will be thinking like: Yes,I finally reached and turned on the tap!

Years flew by and I am now a young lady. I've grown up from a little girl trying to reach for the tap, to a young lady washing her face while bending over the sink!

What about you?
What do you remember about your childhood and what are the markers in your childhood? Growing up is never simple. I have physically changed, and at the same time matured emotionally.

Lying down and staring up the night sky,the moon. Something that I enjoy doing. So many thoughts running through my head,and listening to the cousins* heart-to-heart talk.

I think I'm a different person now.
That's why this post's title is called: Growing up.

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