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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Singapore Blog Awards 2012

Singapore Blog Awards is back!

I attended last year as a finalist at Shanghai Dolly and this year as a guest at the Singapore Flyer. So many of my friends got into the top 10 finalist,making it so hard to me to vote! I went alternate voting every time I got a chance to vote for them.

And this year's winners are...
Congrats guys! The Guest-of-Honour this year is Mr Heng Swee Keat,Minister for Education. I really hope one day I can win the award too. The trophy looks cute plus I would get to shake hands with the minister.

As this year's theme for SBA is superheroes,quite a number of people turned up in superheroes costume. The best few are on stage for the Best Dressed Award!
Joker,Batman,Poison Ivy,Loki... Many many Marvel series heroes. THOR. WHERE ART THOU?! I wonder who can come in that costume,better be hunky yo.

The weather is super hot that day and we were seated right next to Singapore Flyer's food trail. No prize for guessing where our next meal came from. A widespread of Singaporean delights to savour,omnomnom!
We were unconsciously seated with the blacks to one side and whites on the other side! Each of us got a plateful of goodies and back to the table. Sharing is caring. HAHA! Satay, roasted chicken, meatball soup, rojak, carrot cake, hokkien mee and hokkien mee and hokkien mee! A lot of hokkien mee cause we all didn't realise and took the same thing. LOL!

Everyone in the same table. So proud to have so many good friends sitting together in one table. Honestly,I am super happy

SBA 2012 photowall.

We were all given a complimentary ticket to go up to the flyer. Once onboard,everyone just keeps spamming photos:
Nobody can photobomb us because it's just us in the capsule. We can scream and shout as much as we want. Of course we didn't,just wander around looking at Singapore city from different angles.

At night,we went over to Marina Bay Sands and sat right there,waiting to catch the fireworks in action. There were so many people with cameras mounted on tripod,waiting to capture the scene as well.
I love this shot,we are all eagerly waiting in anticipation! This would be my first time catching fireworks here this year.

Tadah! Andy's camera managed to capture all this shots.

Night shot all blurry. But somehow,I like this photo a lot =)

Le super lazy us,or many of us,did not bring our cameras that day! So all pictures you see in this post is taken by Andy and Conan. Thank you guys,for capturing the wonderful moments!

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