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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shopping with Zalora

As a girl,I totally love shopping.

Boyfriend ignoring you? Go shopping!
Having a bad day at work/school? Go shopping!
Ever felt like your wardrobe is missing something? Go shopping!

Lately,I had been too busy to go out for shopping. As what my girl friends always say,go shop online! All it takes is just a few clicks and within the next few days,they would be delivered right to where your place is. Ask them which trusted website can I shop at and they all gave several replies,namely:


I have seen their advertisements around! On Facebook and Google ads. By word of mouth, on twitter as well! Hopping over to their website,I'm encouraged by the fact that they give $10 shopping voucher when you sign up as member in their website. Who doesn't want more credit while shopping? I certainly do!

Right now,they are having GSS with up to 70% off!
Come on boys,you can't deny that it's tough looking for online shopping that caters for male!

I'm gonna hit up the women's section.

I like how they specifically categorise each item down to their description and colour. Like shoes,you can skip all those that doesn't interest you and click directly on your preference. Once you're on that page,you even get to filter the search according to your colour choice,size and price!
Still cannot make up your mind? List it according to it's popularity,name,brand or latest arrival!

Site navigation had been easy,and this dress particularly caught my eye.
Purpur Floral Dress
This dress is going for $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING!
And there's no need to worry about the size,they have a conversion chart right in the middle for of the page for you. Still worried? They have a 30 days return policy!

Next up,shoes!
I hereby declare my love for shoes. There are more than 10 in my house right now and there doesn't seem to be enough for me. Or is it 15? In any case,check out my pick from Zalora:
Claire sandals from Vrinz. I love the tri-tone straps. Simple and elegant. With 20% off,it's going at $27.10 with FREE SHIPPING! I am seriously considering to get this because it's so pretty! What more it promises to be delivered within 48 hours,right at your door step. WOOHOO!

Online shopping,it's gonna do me good.
Packages are coming in and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

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