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Monday, July 02, 2012

Day 2 and 3 in Bangkok

Day 2 in Bangkok!

Nothing much,I should include day 3 here too if I am going to insert pictures. We went to Chatuchak weekend market,took a cab out and I think it went on for 10km! Ridiculously cheap though,I must say. Then the gang started discussing how is it possible for those people to earn there. Haha! Anyways,Chatuchak weekend market is frigging huge and I didn't take any pictures cause it's pretty hot too.

I must say,go in pairs! By pairs I mean girls and guys in pairs! So that you can bargain more.


So hot that I tied up my hair.
We're eating soda popsicles. These will give you a tummyache...NOT! On the contrary,they are good for such hot weather! Directly poured from soda glasses into the metal casings without any contamination.

Just keep shopping,just keep (price) slashing~

They really have a lot of nonsense there. Anything that you want,they have it there. Kitchen utensils,clothes,bags,PJs. Anything and everything! As you've heard,they have a pet section there too! Many many cute puppies and kittens and hamsters and birds and rabbits and guinea pigs. You name it,they have it! Domestic pets of course. But exotic ones like scorpion and sugar glider,they too have it. Some are just so cute that I wish I could buy them and keep them as pets! But many people advise against that because most of these animals come from the farm mill. Which ain't a good thing,bred to be sold.

The place is so big that I grew tired after 2-3 hours. Due to the tropical heat as well,sweat! Things grew repetitive so I sat down and shared Mango Glutinous Rice with Boy. YUMS! Initially he was hesitant to try,but after the first mouthful,he said:
Okay,you can continue feeding them to me.

Seeeeee! Nice right! The mango there is damn sweet! It costs about 60-70baht ($2+)

All of us with chatuchak in the background
Quickly posing for the camera because it's starting to drizzle. E was right,once the rain comes,they come fast! And heavy! It was lucky that we got a cab quickly and headed back to the hotel for dinner.

Dinner in one of the chinese restaurant at Chinatown. I still remember that place,which was quite surprising because it's been many many years since I last came to Bangkok. And I recognised that place where I stayed last time. Nearly 10 years ago? I have good memory for such #bhbmoment

Le happy me to be here in BKK. I think the promegranate juice helped to lift my spirits too,icy cold and yummy! *slurps*

ORH JIAN! (Fried Oyster)
Gosh,look at how BIG the oysters are!!! Nothing compared to Singapore. Those are just big and juice. Gosh,I'm salivating while typing this.

Some siew mai thingy,I didn't manage to eat cause I eat too slow. By the time I finish chewing the previous dish's food,this had all been taken up.

The fish in the middle is a cold dish.
I felt so cheated honestly. I thought the brownish thing that came along was century egg! G and I were mad happy when we saw that. She went:

"OMG. Is that century egg?"
"Yeah,I think so! I confirm that is. Don't believe? I come try."

So I picked one up and ate. It dissolved almost immediately in my mouth. And

I felt so cheated. I think it's fish oil or something. Mad sad that it's not century egg and second of all,I felt so cheated into eating something weird and.. Just weird :(

Some lobster like thingy. I think it's crayfish or something. Aiya,along the same family lah. Haha!

The night ended with us buying tidbits for our friends and family back here in Singapore. Ever heard of Dog Shit? It's pork floss in the shape and colour very much like dog shit,hence the name dog shit. Lol! And some very delicious rice crackers with pork floss!

Trip has been good so far.
Day 3 in Bangkok!

Happy and sad to arriveto this day. Happy because we are finally hitting up Platinum Mall where everyone had been raving about. Sad because this night is gonna be out last night in Bkk :(

We tried to go Erawan Shrine,the famed 4-faced buddha that is said to grant many of their wishes! But it rained heavily so we couldn't offer our prayers. Sad,we left after waiting for awhile and seeing that the rain ain't gonna stop any time soon.

We went back to Platinum Mall and continued shopping. Same here,go in pairs for better rates! As long as you get 2 piece and above,they will give you the "wholesale" rate. The idea is to get you to buy as many as you can from one shop.

Walked back and bought a lot of roadside food.
Only for 40baht ($2)! And it's really delicious. Where can you get this in Singapore?! Fish bone maybe. HAHA! And the fried chicken skin,thai pancakes etc. All at 20-40baht. So cheap! It's so wonderful to eat something so delicious and at such a cheap price. Anyone who tells you that you will get a diahrroea from eating those? I tell you it's nonsense. I ate it perfectly fine,so did the rest! No lao-sai at all.

Finally a Phad-Thai stall!

Delicious! Though the oysters aren't as big as the ones at the Chinese restaurant,it's still bigger than those in Singapore. And it's cheap. AND NO DIARRHOEA! Really,you guys ought to try when you have the chance to. Of course if you see the guy digging nose and doing other dirty stuff,don't buy from that stall lah. But so far all the roadside stalls that I've visited,it's all cheap and good and no diarrhoea from those.

Last but not least...
To mark our final night in Bangkok! Really really happy to be here and with friends. So happy and blessed =D


FoodieFC said...

The fish which you bought from the road side stall, I believe is salted grilled fish. Tried once before (7 years ago) and I totally agree with you. Its good and cheap!

Anonymous said...

The food looks delicious!