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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cabsnatchers in Singapore

Cabsnatchers in Singapore

Annoying,aren't they? Especially when you have been standing under the sweltering heat for some time,with the sun shining in your face. Then far in distance,a green light and blue body approach! At last! Flailing just to make sure the cab driver notice and stop for you and the aircon awaits.....

Someone steps out in front of you and the frigging cab stops for him/her!

God,don't you wish you can just kill that person?

Anyways,I was waiting for a cab yesterday afternoon. Being in a rush to go somewhere and I had been standing there for a good 5 minute already. I saw a cab opposite and quickly flagged,which the driver saw and nodded,signaling that he would make a u-turn at the traffic light in front.

As he slowed down,someone behind yelled: EXCUSE ME.
I was about to board the cab already and he quickly added,I was here first. Standing beside him is his chinese gf. I looked behind and there's another cab that had already stopped right behind mine. So what,being half in/half out,obviously I sit inside right? But no,that guy wants MY cab. Siao one.

He immediately opened the front door and yelled at the uncle that he got here first. The uncle was shocked at his outburst and asked him to go away,because he(driver) made the u-turn when he saw me.
"What do you want?"
"I got here first."
"I don't know. But there's a cab behind."
"I got here first! Who are you? Are you a Singaporean?"
"What do you want? There's a cab right behind now."

His embarrassed gf looked behind and pulled him,he looked behind and realised that I am right. Then he was speechless,angry and embarrrassed too. This dude just got his ego crushed. Boohoo.

He walked off without closing the front door,I had to get out and close the door before telling the cab driver my destination. And the cab driver was ranting all the way about how crazy that guy was,he kept emphasizing that he made the u-turn when he saw me! Gosh,I don't even know there's someone standing around. I have been there for 5 minutes and have not seen anyone around. Then some crazy dude just jump out with his gf in arm and start accusing me of not being a Singaporean.

He probably labeled me as a cab snatcher,I don't care. Because that is not true. What disturbed me most is that he was just about to accuse me of what,being a foreigner and snatching his cab? Gosh. Probably a keyboard warrior that commends every TR's posts on FB,attributing every single social problem he faced in society with foreigners.

What has nationality gotta do with this?


hoe kiat wong said...

Lol, shame for him. may be he though of ahlian story in the mrt.

Tee Ying Zi said...

Oh yeah,tell me about it. Maybe this is the latest tactic to "steal" a cab.