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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 1 in Bangkok!


It's been almost a week since I got back from my BKK trip and I must say it's AWESOME!

Can't believe that I'm finally travelling with Boy and also meeting up with friends there in BKK. I never thought I would get the chance because I used to say that I like travelling alone.

We manage to book a package that costs us $378 per person,sitting Thai Airways + P2 Boutique hotel and airport transfer!
TADAH! I'm really really happy to be going on the trip with Boy and looking forward to meet up with friends in BKK. I know I know,I'm super reptitive but I'm just so happy and excited! Two friends were already there. The other one booked her trip one week before she was due to fly and told me when we were clubbing. IT WAS SUCH A PLEASANT SURPRISE!

On board on board! We took the noon flight so here's the lunch pics:
Some prawn with rice and the dessert's not bad. They are damn generous with their prawns. I feel like I'm eating more prawns than my rice. If you think this is bad,oh wells,you're right. It's not very good. But you won't wanna try the next one:
Chicken with yellow noodles. Chicken is good but the noodles tastes weird with the chicken sauce though.

As expected,the traffic was DAMN horrible. We took more than 1.5 hour to reach our hotel. We just slept our way there.
The room is HUGE! It's really big spacious and they have a proper shower area with a glass panel! No tiny/one small square bathroom. Look at the bed yo,it's a blardy KING SIZE BED! I think the price is pretty good for it's room size.

After putting our stuff down at the hotel,we headed straight for MBK!
We met up with Eehwee and Eli,they were doing their nails. I have always wanted to make nice chio nails but didn't cause Singapore ones are pretty expensive. After looking through the photo albums of creations that they provide,I decided to go for it too!

My manicurist is a guy! And not bad,he's got steady and soft hands! Wahahahaha!
Went for something simple: White ribbons on red nails!
Meticulously painting my nails.
Not bad leh,this one only costs me 350 THB/ $12 SGD. The middle finger had a white background with red ribbons but I requested to have same design for every finger.

A lot of people say it's very cute. Of course,I know. Like me right? Cute design on a cute girl *flicks hair* HAHAHAHA!

Gernaine came along afterwards and we all took the BTR Central shopping mall or something. Directly opposite Big C shopping mall. Had Japanese food for dinner. The staff kept mixing up our orders and after awhile,they started giving a black face already =/

Group photo after dinner. YAY! It was really fun to see everyone catching up,enjoying their dinner and talking about so many things. It's so heartwarming to see everyone smiling,enjoying each other's company :)

Then we walked around the mall for a bit and saw this sanrio shop.

I was literally screaming and asking Boy if I can get this. HAHA! Pretty lame I know but it's SO cute! I wish I can buy this whole thing home. THEY ARE DAMN CHIO! But I know Bobo would totally pee on it. Sigh,I want this mascot~ *eyes it dreamily*

We walked back along the streets to Platinum Mall. As the girls head out to hit the clubs and I can't because I'm not of age to enter their clubs,we agreed to meet up again the next day for shopping at their famed weekend market:

After a long enjoyable day out,it's time to rest. Enjoyed myself so much on Day 1 of BKK!

Stay tuned darls!

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