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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ice-skating at Jcube!

I finally got around visiting ice-skating rink at Jcube!

As an Eastie (where all the good food lies!),I am damn lazy to travel down to Jurong but for the sake of ice-skating with the cousins,I made myself woke up at 10am so that I can meet them at 12pm! Bleah,but I'm late still cause that day is Vesak Day so must go temple to pray to ancestors~

Picture not I take one. But the ice-skating rink damn BIG right! Now kallang is not the only ice-skating rink anymore,it's always damn crowded there. Especially with all those ginas (kids) during weekends or school holidays. So crowded that you can bang people and fall down =x

Jcube not very expensive,I forgot the price already but the texture feels different from the one at Kallang. More smooth and dry. Don't know how they manade to do it one. Whereas the ice-skating rink at kallang always got this act-pros like to scrape the ice and create ridges. Damn infuriating okay! You skate skate halfway and suddenly got pothole need to avoid!

I not pro but I still want to enjoy my ice-skating session without falling kthxbye.

That day I damn gei kiang,never wear long pants to skate. In the end,I still fall because the texture was smoother than I thought. Deng deng deng~

Seriously damn painful and it took 2 weeks for it to heal. I tell you,it looks worse than it appears to be here. But okay lah,here's a secret:
Go there fall down never mind,cause I don't know how they manage to do it,but they got cute guys as their staff in the rink. Fall down liao can ask them to help you and give you bandage ^.^ Jia Qi and I were skating were discussing which one cuter. HEHE! Then Kai Xin,Joyce and my dear bestie Wei Jie all,hold hands and skate together. Likea sweet only,HEH!

Josh came later and we went Itacho (jap cuisine) for lunch. There,we decided to play the "no anti-social game" that was seen circulating around FB.
The game rules are:
  1. Set your phone on general mode but no vibration (cause need to stack).
  2. Whoever touches the phone first pays for the meal.
Tadah! Simple right? We want general mode (with ringtone and all) cause can tempt people to use their phone. Then throughout the whole meal,we kept taunting each other to take the phone.

Jia Qi and Andy quickly doing their last few tweets. Me? I taknig the picture la! Josh,Joyce and Kai Xin damn fast. See,they stack their phone and were looking at the menu liao.

But okay la,everyone was mindful. Nobody touched their phone but everyone was quite aware of the absence of their phone. BTW,iPod/iTouch also cannot use! I think the session was great la,cause we all began talking about our future. Sharing knowledge and that got not just me,but I think a few of us more aware about the reality and making plans for the future. I'm quite ignorant or you can say,naive about a lot of things. Say a lot of silly things which make them feel like banging wall. HAHAHA! But I feel blessed to know the Cousins* cause they always very supportive and share knowledge with me. Aiya,in many many ways la. HAHA!

Okay,abrupt end to this post. But what they said weighed down in my mind and I keep thinking how to plan for my future. But the only course of action that I can take now is:

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