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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello Kitty strikes back in town!

Hello Kitty fans,boys and girls,get ready to welcome...

Le Hello Kitty!
Hello kitties are back in McDonald's,it is about time to grab yours today!

McDonald's in partnership with Sanrio to launch 4 Hello Kitty character decked in McDonaldland characters:

Hamburglar Hello Kitty (17 May-23 May)
Grimace Hello Kitty (24 May-30 May)
Birdie Hello Kitty (31 May-6 June)
Ronald Hello Kitty (7 June-13 June)

Thanks to OMY and McDonald's,several bloggers including myself were managed to view the kittes up close!

They more enthu than me,all camwhoring with the Hello Kitty.
Dinner. Superb. I had my favourite McSpicy with special order:
No lettuce,add cheese!

They gave us each a goodie bag. Uber love,it comes along not only with the promise of a Hello Kitty,there's an additional Kitty spects too! OMFG!
I chose the white one cause I like white,others had gotten the black/pink/white frames with black/pink/red ribbon
My loveeeeee

Samantha is damn fast,she uploaded this like 1 hour after the event was over. All hello kitty fans,gather for a photo please!

No need for kids meal to get a toy,each Hello Kitty plush toy is available at $3.60 with every meal purchased. Alternatively,you can choose to purchase just the toy itself at $9 each! Excited yet? If not,I will just flash you the Hello Kitty pic again!

HAHAHAHA! Go grab yours today darlings!
Boyfriends,please get ready to grow fat just for the sake of doting your girlfriend. It will be worth it and they will definitely adore you to bits. And if you got a mistress,all the better,double the fatness. HAHAHAHA!

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