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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wishing to break free

So here I am,just gonna do a short short post.

Currently idling around,doing mostly nothing. Nothing fun I mean,but studying in preparation for this coming sem. I really can't wait for school to start! People rivel back in horror and exclaim,why?! Are you mad?! But hey,I really can't wait to get this over and done with. It's much better than doing nothing,much better having someone to watch over you and make sure you're on track.

Going to school is like,being on track to the finishing goal. Whilst now,it's just fleeting here and there. Like a leaf in the wind.
So those of you who know what I'm really up to,hush hush. Just wish me luck will do,I need plenty of it. Should my insane plan fail me,just laugh and let us get back on to what I am REALLY suppose to do. Oh yes,I am still pretty evasive about the whole thing. Don't really want people to know too much about it until the time is right. Just wait,yeah?

Right now,have so much time on hand,I really do feel like traveling.
In case you haven't read all about my travels,here it is. All for you to explore.

Where do I feel like going at the moment?

Those 2 places are cheap. Or maybe not all that cheap but 1/3 cheaper than Europe. They are much more mystifying,and seemed so magical that it's worth exploring! I imagine the sun baking down on my skin,trudging with my backpack and trusty D90 along the gravel.
Crunch crunch crunch...
And the sky so vast and endless,the palace loomed in full view. Such manificence!

And well,you will probably get many pairs of eyes staring at you too. Or so I heard.
Oh wells,until I take that leap of faith and book that open-return ticket to India,what I just wrote above shall remain a fantasy. At the moment.

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