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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Seeing a Sinseh for sleepless nights

I had been sleeping poorly for the past few weeks,waking up several times during the night. I think the epitome was Saturday night:
  • Slept at 2.30pm
  • Woke up at 6am
  • Woke up at 8am
  • Woke up at 10am
  • Finally waking up at 12.30pm

Damn jialut,each time I wake up,I will be like fully awake. I didn't really intend to do much about it except making some furniture arrangement in my room. Happened to see the sinseh's place still open,and bearing L's words in mind that tcm is better than western medicine,I decided to give chinese medicine a try anyway.

"Yes doctor,I'm young and I already have troubles sleeping. No doc,I don't have stress. I'm having holidays. Uh,about 5 hours of sleep every night doc."

He said I'm fine,just a little heaty. Bleah. Is that what every sinseh says? Lol. He prescribed medicine for me anyway.
A small packet of medicine can actually fill up half a bit pot!
Quite amazing lo. But look at all these,it looks like twigs and dead leaves from any forest floor can! I can't imagine what kind of bitter concoction it's gonna produce. Yuck!!!

As luck would have it,I ran out of gas after brewing it for 5min. WOW. Damn,I was wondering what to do and if they would do gas delivery at 10pm. Called my mom and she gave an ingenious idea:

LOL much! It's not impossible,so I did it anyway. An hour later....
It's ready.
Ying Zi,time to eat your medicine!


As they always say:
良药苦口 (Good Medicine Tastes Bitter)
It is bitter,but still manageable. I didn't puke! Just that,no matter how many times I swallow,the level of the concoction doesn't seem to move! Then I keep swallowing and gulping down,it only moved half an inch. Awww :( I told him that it didn't seem to move,and he said I must open my throat big big and swallow!

Like black hole?
Those boys must be quite good at this since they all go through water parade in army anyway: Drinking half a bottle at one shot. Sheesh,I can't do it!

Met L the next day to go to the temple at Bugis. Was running a little late,and he passed me this when I met him.
Yeah,for my medicine! He suggested straws to drink faster and perhaps less bitter cause I don't let the medicine touch much of my tongue?

I used two.
Faster? Maybe. Pardon me for not smilling. HOW CAN I?! I'm drinkin bitter medicine here yo! Hmmm.. The medicine helps,let me tell you in the next few nights!

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